How many bags can you carry-on spirit Airlines for free

How many bags can you carry-On Spirit Airlines for Free

Considering you have booked a ticket on Spirit Airlines, please ensure how many bags you can carry on spirit airlines for free before you arrive at the airport. This knowledge will help you to avoid the inconvenience of paying an extra baggage fee.

Because Spirit Airlines is a low-cost Airline, it charges the passengers for carry-on and checked-in baggage. However, read the information below to know the free baggage allowance of Spirit Airlines.

The baggage policy of Spirit Airline:

  • A passenger can carry one item for free as carry-on baggage will be included in the ticket on Spirit Airline flight.
  • The dimension of the free baggage should not exceed 18x14x8 inches.
  • The free baggage can be a small purse or laptop bag that can fit inside the overhead counter or under the seat on the flight.
  • On Spirit Airlines, a passenger has to pay for the carry-on and checked-in baggage.
  • No banned items or sharp objects like knives, screws can be carried in the baggage.
  • Besides the allowance of one free baggage, a passenger will have to pay for extra carry-on and checked-in baggage.
  • The free baggage allowance will be mentioned on the spirit airlines ticket for the passenger's reference.
  • A passenger must strictly follow the free baggage limit to avoid paying the extra cost.

Spirit Airline baggage fares:

If you are traveling on a Spirit Airline flight, get an idea of the fare payable on the baggage:

Carry-on baggage:

  • For standard fare: 31$
  • For 9$ fare club: 40$

For checked-in baggage:

  • For standard fare: 25$ to 80$ depending on the number of baggage
  • For 9$ fare club: 35$ to 90$ depending on the number of baggage

For excess baggage:

If the passenger exceeds the recommended limit of paid baggage, the amount of 35$ to 90$ may be levied as an excess baggage charge.

For special baggage:

If you carry any sports or musical item, you may have to pay 75$-100$ as a special baggage charge.

The process of baggage check-in:

You can check in your baggage with Spirit Airlines in the following ways:

  • Online check-in: When you do the web check-in for your spirit airline flight, check in the baggage as well with the help of the baggage calculator, make the payments online, and enter the details to complete the baggage check-in process.
  • Airport check-in: After arriving at the airport, reach a spirit airline counter and check in the baggage with payments for the baggage fares accordingly.

For more information on Spirit Airlines' free baggage allowance and other related information, kindly contact the customer service at spirit airlines phone number or send a text for assistance.


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