How much baggage is allowed in Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy

Baggage allowance of Turkish Airlines depends upon what kind of flight fare, route, and arrival of your destination. To know about the baggage allowance beforehand is a beneficial thing for the passengers. This guide covers all the information related to turkish airlines baggage policy, if you want to know how many bags or what weight you can carry with you while traveling with Turkish Airlines.

Checked the Baggage policy of Turkish Airlines

Most of the time, passengers travel without any prior investigation about the information related to baggage allowance. In that case, you might get panicked at the airport if you know that your luggage is exceeding the allowed baggage parameter. To avoid that situation, you must know the turkish Airlines baggage policy, which is given below:

  • For the Economy class, the size of one piece of luggage should be at most 158 cm. 
  • Weight for one baggage in Economy only class is 23 kg. 
  • The weight for one baggage in Business class is up to 32 kg. 
  • An infant traveling with Turkish Airlines is entitled to luggage up to 10 kg. Additionally, you can take strollers whose size is up to 115 cm. 
  • Turkish Airlines allows a similar amount of luggage to an adult and a child traveler. 
  • Passengers having card of Star Alliance Gold can take one luggage and an extra 20 Kg of weight other than the normal baggage allowance policy.

Cabin Baggage Policy of Turkish Airlines

  • For Economy class passengers: In the Cabin, you can take luggage weighing 8 kg and dimensions up to 23x40x55. One personal item of size up to 40x30x15 is allowed by Turkish Airlines in the Cabin. The individual item must be under 4 Kg. 
  • For Business class passengers: passengers from Business class can carry 2 bags up to 23x40x55, each under 8 kg, and one personal luggage of 4 kg. 
  • For international and domestic flights, only one luggage weighing 8 kg can be carried with an infant customer in the Cabin. This applies to Economy class as well as Business class.

Some of the permitted and non-permitted items on Turkish Airlines

As per Turkish Airlines, some of the things are considerable, while some are prohibited from flying. It is essential to know to get insights about Turkish airlines baggage policy before packing your luggage:

  • Passengers can not take things with them that have a liquid state or semi-solid state. This is to prevent any damage while flying. 
  • If you have to take the liquid substance in the Aircraft, then you must keep it safe by making sure that it doesn't spill out in the Aircraft. In the Cabin or free baggage, these kinds of components are not welcomed. 
  • According to Turkish Airlines, you can carry less than 5 liters of sealed liquid substances.

Cost for the extra baggage of Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines extra baggage cost can be determined by reading this guide. The additional baggage cost can vary on factors like flight distance, flight route, and destination of your flight. For the soldier working for the Turkish Peace Force, if taking a TRNC flight, then charges according to turkish airlines baggage policy is TRY 20/1 kg. If you purchased the ticket TRNC using student discount fare, you may have to pay TRY 20/1 kg. There is difference between extra baggage charges for Domestic flights and International flights.

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