How much does Avianca Airline charge for extra baggage

How much does Avianca Airline Charge for Extra Baggage

The airline charges for the baggage will depend on the destination. The baggage prices start from $60 to $200. If you don’t want to pay the baggage fees ensure you have packed the baggage according to the airline's requirements. To know more about How much does Avianca Airlines charge for extra baggage, you must visit the official website and get all the information.

Avianca airlines Baggage Policy

  • On the carry-on baggage allowance, passengers can bring 1 standard carry-on baggage and 1 personal item; the dimensions should be 55cm x 35cm x 25 cm in size and 10kg in weight. The personal item baggage should be small enough to fit under your front seat.
  • Suppose you are Life Miles Gold. Diamond members and star alliance gold status members are traveling business class. They are entitled to 1 additional carry-on bag of the same weight and dimensions.
  • The size and weight should not exceed; you must pay the charges if they exceed.
  • In economy class, passengers can bring 1 bag weighing 23kg.
  • For business class, travelers can bring 2 bags up to 32kg each.
  • If you are traveling with the infant, you can bring 1 bag of up to 10 kg.
  • Passengers can bring their baggage in the Life Miles Silver 1 additional bag in the economy and business class, and the weight should be 23kg.
  • If you are a Life Miles Gold and Diamond member, you can bring 2 additional bags; the weight should be 23 kg in economy class. In the business class, you can bring 1 additional bag weighing 23kg.

How to add extra baggage on Avianca Airlines

Imagine you have a flight, and you have to add additional baggage; you can do it by using the methods like online, offline, or visiting the airport. You can use these options and get confirmation of your credentials. You must provide the details correctly to add the baggage.

Methods to add the baggage after purchasing the flight ticket.

  1. Add the extra baggage via the online method.

Traveler has to add extra baggage, but they don’t have the information on how to do it. In that case, the traveler can add the extra baggage online. To use the online method, the traveler has to follow the instructions carefully:

  • Go to the web portal of Avianca Airlines.
  • Navigate your cursor toward the help option and click the add baggage option.
  • Provide the required details and tap on the sign-in option.
  • Go to the baggage section, provide the details, and click the continue option.
  • Pay the charges and receive the confirmation of your credentials as soon as possible.
  1. Add the baggage via the offline method.

You can use the avianca airline's phone number to add the baggage after the booking. In case you can not use the online method, you can use the offline method and add the baggage after the booking when you dial this official phone number: 1(800) 284-2622 or 1-802-341-3409. You connect with the representative and ask them to add the baggage. The representative will require some details, and you have to provide the details from the representative. They will add the extra baggage, and you will get the confirmation on the registered email id and text as soon as possible. 


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