How much does it cost to Reschedule a Flight Air India

How much does it cost to Reschedule a Flight Air India

Want to reschedule your flight? Well, don’t worry, many people do the same things as we can not predict the future, and when we book our flight, we don’t know what will happen at the time of flight departure, and we have to make changes due to some unfavorable conditions. So, don’t worry, Air India understands your problem, and that’s why they came up with the best rescheduling policies. The cost for the rescheduling is INR 3500. For the international and domestic flights, it is NR 2500, which is quite less. So, if you want to change your flight,, you can read some of the policies and procedures mentioned below.

Mention the policies to reschedule a flight at Air India.

If you want to reschedule a flight at Air India, you need to learn some policies, and through those policies, it will be easy for you to understand in what cases you can reschedule your flight for free. And the policies for that are mentioned below.

  • To reschedule a flight at Air India, you must do it on the same day of reservation if you do not want to pay any extra charges.
  • If you reschedule your flight after the allotted time, then you will be charged by the Airline, which will be called the change flight fee.
  • If you are rescheduling your flight due to some medical emergency, you can make changes for free, but you must submit your medical documents to Air India.
  • In the case of the death of any close person, the passengers are allowed to reschedule their flight but submit the death certificate on time and make changes to their flight.
  • If the flight is rescheduled by the Airline, you do not have to pay the flight change charges. Instead, the Airline will pay you compensation for that.
  • In any case, if you make changes to your flight after check-in, then you are not allowed to do it. You have to book another flight.

How can I reschedule a flight with Air India

If you want to reschedule a flight at Air India, then you must know about the proper procedure so that you can save your money as well as time. If you don’t do that online and call at Air India phone number, you have to pay the charges for that. So here is the process that you can learn.

  • You can log in yourself to the official website of Air India.
  • Then in the menu bar, you will find a ‘manage booking’ option on which you need to click.
  • Enter your ticket details, like your booking number and last name.
  • After that, click on the ticket on which you want to make changes.
  • You can search for the modification option and then select the reschedule button.
  • Select your inteinary, and if the flight is available according to your itinerary,, you can book that for yourself.
  • Now give them a reason for rescheduling and then click on submit.

So, now you know How much does it cost to reschedule an Air India flight? And every other thing to reschedule now, it will be easy for you to reschedule your flight.

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