How much does tap Portugal charge for baggage

How Much Does Tap Portugal Charge for Baggage

If you have already booked flight tickets on tap Portugal and then you need to get the information related to their baggage charges and many other details, then you are at the right article, which will assist you in knowing how much does tap Portugal charge for baggage? Here are the following all the information that is mentioned below, and you need to follow them correctly briefly:-

Baggages charges of tap Portugal:-

Below are the following all the different types of baggage that you need to use to travel and all the charges that you need to pay for them. Follow all the mentioned baggage charges:-

For hold baggage:-

  • For those passengers who fly on discount to Europe and North Africa then, the available charges are from $30 to $40 or 6000 miles. 

For the checked baggage:-

  • For the passengers that fly on discount to Europe and North Africa, then the available charges are $35 to $40, or the miles will be 6000. 

For the extra checked baggage-

If you want to purchase extra baggage, then the allowance of that is one piece with a maximum weight of 23 kg and 50 lbs. And the maximum size will be 158cm or 62 inches. The charges that are applied when you get that which is from $70 for 11,000 miles for Europe and North Africa flights. And for intercontinental flights, the charges will be $95 for 15,000 miles. 

For carry-on allowance:-

You can take the carry-on allowance in which 1 personal luggage is free of cost, and of the standard carry-on bags in the economy, 1 bag is free, and in executive class, 2 pieces of baggage are free of cost or allowed to take. Below are the following size and weights of baggage that are allowed to carry:-

  • For personal baggage- the size will be 16 x 12 x 5 inches (40 x 30 x 15 cm), and the weight will be 4.4 pounds, like 2kg. 
  • For carry-on baggage- the size will be 22 x 16 x 8 inches (55 x 40 x 20 cm), and the weight is 17 pounds, like 8kg. 

Moreover, you can also get in touch with the airline representative through tap Portugal phone number 1-802-341-3409, to get their number, you have to visit their official site and then search for the contact number and dial that to follow all the instructions. Then, you will get all the details that will assist you to connect with a real person, and instantly resolve them. 

Hope that all the information that is mentioned above will be beneficial for you and also connect with the airline representative and fix all the problem that appear. Additionally, you have to check out our other articles to get more detailed information. 

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