How strict is Aegean airlines baggage allowance

How Strict is Aegean Airlines Baggage Allowance

Aegean airlines are a Greece airline that connects the world with the country. If you plan to book a ticket with the airline, you must follow strict baggage policies. Here is everything about how strict is Aegean airlines baggage allowance that concerns your flight.

How much luggage is permitted

The charges, number of bags, and dimensions differ and depend on your fare. Check the baggage information:

  • Economy light and flex don't include free baggage allowance.
  • Economy comfort flex and saver allows 1 piece up to 23 kg.
  • Business fare 2 pieces up to 32 kg each.

Is the baggage weight limit similar for Miles members

If you are a member of Miles+Bonus Gold* & Star Alliance Gold, find out the baggage limit:

  • Business fares of up to 3 pieces are permitted and can carry 32 kg.
  • Economy comfort flex allows 23 kg and 2 pieces each.
  • Economy Light & Flex grants 1 piece of 23 kg.

What are the Aegean airline's guidelines for infants

For infants who are less than 2 years:

  • They are entitled to a collapsible stroller if travelers buy light and flex fare.
  • In the case of comfort flex and economy class, 1 piece and 23 kg are allowed.
  • Moreover, you can carry 32 kilos in business class with a collapsible stroller.

Children 2 to 12 years are entitled to the following:

  • ComfortFlex & Business granted 1 piece of baggage that can hold 23 kilos.
  •  Two pieces of luggage can include 32 kilos each for Business Class.

Moreover, passengers need to keep in mind these details before packing their bags:

  • Baggage of more than 32 kg is carried as cargo.
  • The size of 158 cm is the sum of length X width X height is the limit.
  • If the limit exceeds, the airline may charge more that depends on the date, destination, and fare.

In case travelers have issues, they can contact the airline's customer support. You can dial the Aegean Airlines Phone Number 1 (833) 732-8158 or 1-802-341-3409. The helpline is accessible 24 hours to serve the flyers. Visit the website for more details. 

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