How Strict Is British Airways About Carry On Luggage

How Strict Is British Airways About Carry On Luggage

Airlines follow inflexible guidelines for baggage, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t open to considering the requirement of the passengers. If you want to book British Airways Ticket and now need to know about the allowance and fees for your convenience before boarding the flight. Read carefully to know How Strict Is British Airways About Carry On Luggage. First, check the baggage size permitted by the airline.

British Airways Hand Baggage Dimension

As per the rules, passengers are allowed to carry hand luggage, but the luggage size shouldn’t be more than 56cmX45cmX 25 cm. Plus, a small item can be a handbag or laptop up to 40cm x 30cm x 15cm. The weight of both items shouldn’t be more than 23 kg. 

What happens when hand baggage exceeds granted limits

If passengers do not follow the standard baggage rule by British Airways, hand baggage will be checked into the hold and added to either checked baggage or excess baggage, depending on the size and weight.

  • Checked baggage when your size is not more than 90cmX75cmX43cm, and weight is around 23 kg to 32 kg. Travelers have to pay $ 20 to $ 70 based on ticket and destination. 
  • The excess baggage category indicates when the dimension is 90cmX75cmX43cm. Besides, weight can be 32 kg, and British Airways Baggage Fees is $ 70 per bag to passengers.

Another way to extend the baggage size to your hand baggage flights is the buy the space from the airline. However, each bag should not be over 23 kg.

  • British Airways Baggage Fees for the first bag is $ 21 to $ 70.
  • For each additional bag, passengers have to pay around $ 65.
  • Bags on a connected flight can cost around $65 to $ 70.

Are there any restrictions on Musical Instruments and Sporting Equipment

British Airways permits the instruments and sporting equipment as checked, or extra purchased checked baggage. Sometimes, bulky items, including 45 kg and 190cm x 75cm x 65cm are allowed. But they may charge you a certain fee based on the destination and tickets.

British Airways' priority is to offer convenience to flyers in every possible way. As a result, My Baggage service is presented to carriers with extra baggage at low fares. In case you have extra baggage at the baggage check counter, My baggage can help you save time and money on up to 30 kg suitcases. Visit the website for more information, or contact the airline's phone number, 1 (802) 341-3409, for immediate help. 



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