How strict is Transavia with hand luggage size

Information about Hand Luggage Transavia

Regarding hand luggage size, Transavia has made some rules that their travelers must follow. That means that if you carry hand luggage, which is considered carry-on luggage, you can carry it for free as long as it does not violate size and weight limits. To know exactly how strict Transavia is with hand luggage, you must learn the rules they have made for carry-on luggage. They also explain what hand luggage size and weight you must not exceed to avoid a fee. They are going to measure your hand luggage size to ensure that you are not carrying more.

What is the policy for hand luggage

  • You can take carry-on luggage with you if it does not exceed 55cmx40cmx25cm in size limit; it must not exceed the weight limit of 10kg. If it does, you must pay a cost at the baggage claim to take it.
  • Also, you must know that if you have taken max fare, you are permitted to carry one more piece of luggage with you on top of that, which is free, under a certain circumstance which is that it must not exceed weight and size limits that are set which 10 kg and 45cm x 40cm x 24cm.

How to know more about your issues with hand luggage

Transavia has ensured that if there are travelers who cannot comprehend some of the rules they have set for them travelers, Those passengers must reach out to them at +35 22 70 02 728 or 1-802-341-3409, which is transavia airlines' phone number, after you have communicated with them almost all the issues related to your carry on luggage can get clearance.

Taking luggage is a very crucial part. Also, even if a traveler has not checked their luggage, there are chances that carry-on luggage is still there. This is why it is crucial to know what rules you must follow that can avoid the cost of excess luggage.

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