How Strict Is United Airlines About Carry On Size

How Strict Is United Airlines About Carry On Size

For the convenience of the customers, United Airlines has made a baggage policy. This has been done so that the customers can carry their baggage free of cost. However, to benefit from the free baggage service, you need to for the weight and measurement conditions mentioned in the policy. That is undoubtedly going to help you out in saving your hard-earned money. 

The baggage policy of United Airlines:

Before you plan for the trip with United Airlines, you must ensure that you have read all the policies below. 

  • If you have carry-on luggage, ensure that its dimension is at most 9x14x22 inches (handles and wheels) included.
  • If you’re carrying a personal item, it must fit underneath your seat. The maximum measurement of your unique item should not be more than 9x10x17 inches.
  • Suppose you’re traveling in basic economy and have full-size baggage at the gate. Then you have to pay the baggage fee and a $25 charge for gate handling. To make the payment process easy, you must ensure that you have used your credit card.
  • In the cabin, you’re allowed to bring only one personal item.
  • If you’re carrying a very bulky or fragile item, you need to ensure that you have bought an additional ticket for it. Then you can take your item in the cabin and place it on a seat.
  • If you want to carry musical instruments like violin, guitar, or any other type of musical instrument, then ensure that you’re carrying it in a proper case. If you put your musical instrument in the overhead bin, it will be counted as a personal item.
  • As a particular item, you’re allowed to carry a breast pump.

Ensure that you have reached the airport at least three hours before the flight's departure time. In that way, you’re going to have enough time for the check-in of your luggage. You can even connect with the customer service team of United Airlines for United:Airlines Baggage Fees and Policy. They provide you with the complete details.

Connect with the customer service team

You can undoubtedly connect with the customer service team of United Airlines. You only need to call up their number 1 802 341 3409. Ensure that you have not used any third-party contact details. The executive is quickly going to provide you with the solution. You can talk to them about, “How Strict Is United Airlines About Carry On Size?” They’ll give a quick resolution to you. 

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