How strict is Vueling Airlines with carry on size

How strict is Vueling Airlines with carry on size

Baggage Limitations can be a major concern for air travelers. Ending up at the airport with excess baggage or a bag that does not fit within the size limitations of an airline can add extra stress during your journey. If you want to know the answer to the question, “How strict is Vueling Airlines with carry on size” Vueling Airlines allows carry on baggage with size restrictions so that the customers can travel safely and not face any problems during the flight. If your carry on baggage exceeds the size limitations of the airline, you may have to pay an additional fee, and you may need to check in your baggage instead of carrying it with you. Vueling Airlines allows 1 Carry on bag and an under-seat bag.

Size Limitations on Carry-on baggage

Underseat Carry on baggage

  • Passengers can carry a bag that may be placed in front of them, under the seat. The size has to be within the range of 40x20x30 cm. This includes any bags that are a purchase made at the airport.
  • The under-seat bag may include a purse, briefcase, camera, or laptop bag.
  • The bags must not be an obstacle, and they should fit perfectly under the seat.

Overhead bin Carry on baggage.

  • You can get additional carry-on baggage if your flight ticket includes additional carry-on baggage or if you have opted for TimeFlex fare, within the size 55x40x20 cm.
  • Passengers who need special assistance, premium passengers, and anyone traveling with a baby may take an additional bag for free.
  • The bag must not weigh more than 10 kg.
  • You can carry liquids in a packaged bottle, not more than 100ml.
  • Passengers who do not have 2 pieces in the cabin service included in the ticket, or have not made a booking, especially for the carry-on baggage, have to pay an additional cost to take the cabin baggage with them as a checked-in bag. They will not be allowed to take the bag into the cabin.

Steps to book additional carry-on baggage:

You can book an additional carry on baggage by calling the vueling airlines phone number and requesting the agent to add a carry on baggage to your flight booking. The agent will book a bag for you, and you have to make the payment to confirm the booking.

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