How to get free bags on Allegiant Airlines

Allegiant Airlines Baggage Fees & Allowance

Like every other airline, Allegiant Airlines has a separate baggage policy. Baggage fees can be a thorn on your side. One of the most common queries is how to get free bags on Allegiant Airlines. The airline allows free baggage to military personnel. If you have been or are a member of the US military personnel, you are allowed certain free baggage services. Read the following to know the free baggage services.

  • Allegiant Airlines allows up to 2 pieces of checked bags for free, provided the bags weigh less than 100 pounds.
  • Military personnel is allowed to take one personal item, within size limits, for free.
  • You can take one carry-on bag for free on the flight. Ensure that it is within the permitted size limit.
  • Allegiant does not charge any fee for oversized checked baggage. The maximum total dimensions are 115 linear inches.

The baggage policy of Allegiant Air:

You should go through the listed points thoroughly in order to understand Allegiant’s baggage policy.

  • The airline allows passengers to bring one personal item, like a handbag, briefcase, camera, etc., for free on the aircraft. The permitted size limit is 8*14*18 inches.
  • Every passenger is allowed to pre-purchase up to 4 checked bags. Make sure the bags weigh under 50 pounds.
  • The total maximum dimension of the checked bags is 80 linear inches. The airline charges an additional fee if the checked bags exceed the permitted weight and size limit.
  • An airport bag fee will be applied if any personal or carry-on item exceeds the permitted weight and size limit.
  • Allegiant Air does not allow free checked bags, i.e., you must pay for checked bags.


Allegiant Airlines allows free baggage service to military personnel. Apart from this, it also allows certain free baggage items to passengers. For further queries, call Allegiant Airlines Phone Number 1-802-341-3409 and get their help. You can also get to know the Allegiant baggage policy by reading the above article.

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