How to get Student Discount on Ryanair?

Does Ryanair Have a Student Discount?

Making flight reservations using discounts and offers is always beneficial as it will help you save money, and you will receive appropriate services. There are multiple discounts provided by airlines, and students are one of them; this discount is provided by airlines only to those students who are currently studying or traveling due to their further studies. Most airlines offer this facility with Student discounts, and Ryanair is one of them; while traveling with this airline, you will receive multiple facilities such as quick refunds on cancellations, extra luggage allowance, etc. If you are willing to take a Ryanair Student Discount but need more information about it, then you have to read below.

The terms and conditions of Ryanair regarding student discounts are mentioned below?

Having the information about terms and conditions for students is essential as it will help you know whether you are eligible to get the discount. You must read below if you need details about these terms and conditions.

  • You have to provide all the necessary documents or certificates, whether it is related to your school, college, university, etc., with your age proof to make the bookings.
  • The discount you will receive is between 08 % to 15%, which is allowed only for 12 months from the issuing date.
  • If you apply for the student discount, you are not allowed to add any other discount, and you are also not eligible to make changes to your selected destination for travel.
  • If the students apply for the discount, they can carry extra luggage, which must be under 20 kg, but the extra bag will be sent with the checked baggage.
  • Any student over 16 years of age is eligible to get the discount, and if they are studying for an apprenticeship, they can also apply for the discount.
  • To apply for the student discount, you have to register and verify your student status; by doing this, you will get information about thousands of free student discounts.

The booking process with a student discount on Ryanair is below?

If you are looking for the process through which you can make bookings on Ryanair using a student discount, then you must follow the points mentioned below.

  • Go to the website of Ryanair in your browser.
  • Then you must sign up for your account and choose the new reservation option.
  • Following this, mention the name of your departure and destination airport.
  • Further, you have to fill out the travel date, and if it is your round trip, then the date of coming back.
  • Next, you must mention the passenger's name, contact number, email id, etc., and then select your seat type.
  • After this, you have to submit the details and click on student discount on the payments page.
  • Lastly, a discounted fare will appear on the screen, which you must pay using your card or other online mode.

Through the details mentioned above, you will able to know about How to get a student discount on Ryanair? Still, you can call the Ryanair representatives and take assistance in the best possible manner.



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