How to Upgrade Seats on Lufthansa Airlines

How to Upgrade Seats on Lufthansa Airlines

Seat upgrades with Lufthansa will get you a higher-class service. You can enjoy various benefits as you spend a little extra on your seat upgrade. You can upgrade your seat to an economy premier or business class. Economy premier passengers can upgrade to business economy, and business economy passengers can upgrade to first class. For an upgrade to business class, short or medium-haul flight economy class passengers. But, how to upgrade seats on Lufthansa Airlines to make your flight more comfortable.

You can upgrade your seats on Lufthansa Airlines in three ways:

Upgrade at a fixed price:

Seat upgrade at a fixed price is a convenient option for passengers to get a confirmed upgrade to a more luxurious cabin in the comfort of their homes. To upgrade your seat at a fixed price, you can consider the following steps:

  • Navigate through the website of Lufthansa,
  • Click on My bookings.
  • Please enter your booking number and last name.
  • On your digital ticket, look for the Upgrade my seat option.
  • Pay for the amount you must pay to get a confirmed seat upgrade in Lufthansa.
  • With the successful payment, you will get an email confirming your seat upgrade, as they will provide you with an upgraded class ticket.

Upgrade at the price you want:

On long-haul flights, you can make an offer to upgrade your seat. To make an offer to upgrade seats on Lufthansa Airlines, you can take the following steps:

  • Visit the website of Lufthansa Airlines.
  • Go to My Bookings.
  • Log in first with the passenger's booking number and last name.
  • Check on the ticket for a relevant message if the upgrade option is available for your seat.
  • Please enter the price you would like to offer for the upgrade.
  • Enter the details of your credit card. If your offer is accepted, your credit card will get deducted from the respective offer price you made to upgrade your seat.
  • If the request is accepted, you will get another email within72 hours left for the flight departure.

Upgrade with miles:

You can upgrade your seat with the miles you earn while traveling with Lufthansa airlines. To upgrade with miles, you can refer taking the following steps:

  • Search for the Lufthansa website.
  • Go to My bookings.
  • Enter your booking number and surname.
  • As your flight information appears, click on the upgrade my seat option.
  • Click on Upgrade with miles.
  • You need a sufficient amount of miles present in your travel bank to get a seat upgrade.
  • A confirmation email will ensure successful seat upgrade with Lufthansa.

Upgrade at the airport:

You can ask for a seat upgrade at the airport before the Lufthansa flight departure. You can pay on the spot at the airport and get a seat upgrade if the seats are available. If there are no vacant seats in the upgraded cabin, they will only accept you to provide a seat upgrade.

All these upgrade methods will give you a luxurious ride and more cabin service while flying with Lufthansa. Upgrading is a good option if you booked your flight with basic economy and now want to travel in a higher cabin. That is how to upgrade seats on Lufthansa Airlines for a luxurious ride.


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