How To View Available Seats On American Airlines?

How Do I know if my seats are available on American Airlines?

American Airlines know that comfort is a basic need for passengers who love to travel and explore new places. In long-distance flights, comfortable seating is your priority. To fulfill this need, American Airlines has introduced well-furnished, homely seats for the passengers. If you also want to enjoy the luxury, you should book your American Airlines flight without delay. Here is the seat selection policy.

Seat selection policy

American Airlines offers various seat selection options, and the policies can vary based on factors like your ticket type, frequent flyer status, and timing. Here's an overview of the American airlines seat selection policy that will help you in flight booking.

  • Basic Economy: If you're traveling on a Basic Economy ticket, your seat will be assigned at check-in. You can choose a specific seat, but it will cost extra.
  • Standard Economy: With standard Economy tickets, you can select your seat during booking without additional charges. However, the details may vary depending on your fare and flight route. 
  • Elite Status: AAdvantage elite members (Platinum, Platinum Pro, and Executive Platinum) have the option to select seats for free, including Main Cabin Extra seats with extra legroom, subject to availability.
  • Preferred Seats: American Airlines offers Preferred Seats for purchase. These seats are usually located in desirable plane areas and may include extra legroom.
  • Main Cabin Extra: These seats provide more legroom and can be purchased or offered at no cost to AAdvantage elite members.
  • Exit Row Seats: Exit row seats with extra legroom may be available for purchase or, in some cases, assigned at no cost to elite members.
  • Booking Timing: The availability of preferred and extra legroom seats may depend on when you book your flight. Booking early often provides more choices.
  • At the Airport: American Airlines will assign one during check-in if you have yet to choose a seat before your flight. You can change your seat at the airport, but options may be limited.

You can check available seats on American Airlines after selecting your preferred flight book by visiting the website. If you want to check your seat after the booking, then here are the steps to view available seats on American Airlines.

  • Start by visiting the official site of American airlines.
  •  You can log in by the help of your existing account, or proceed with the seat search without logging in. 
  • Provide your flight details, including departure city or airport code, arrival city or airport code, travel dates, and the number of passengers. 
  • Click on the Flight Status button to begin the search. 
  • Once the search results are displayed, please select your preferred flight by entering all the information and clicking on it. 
  • After hitting the Flight Status, you can access your flight details and view the available seats.


Remember that seat availability may vary based on your chosen fare class, frequent flyer status, and when you select your seat. To secure your preferred seat, it's advisable to check the seat map early in the booking process. For further details, you can read these policies and procedures to view your seat on American Airlines. If you have any other query regarding American Airlines and want to connect with the customer service of the Airlines, then you can switch to the website of American Airlines.

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