How to write a letter to Delta?

How Do I write a Letter to Delta Airlines?

When you had a great flight journey with Delta Airlines, but after landing at your destination, you did not receive your bags. In such situations, you should report to the customer service of the Airline immediately in the lost and found section. And if you do not receive your baggage on time, you can send your queries in writing, and if you are thinking, How to write a letter to Delta? Then you should have the address of the Delta Airlines office. The postal address of the Airline is mentioned below so that you can write a letter to the Airline:

  • Delta Postal Address - 1030 Delta Blvd, Hapeville, GA, Business Services NEC - MapQuest.

How to Contact Delta Airlines on the phone?

After you have sent a letter to the Airline, you can also contact them on the Delta Airlines Phone Number 1 (800) 221-1212 or +1-802-341-3409. This method will work best when you are looking for quick ways to get in touch with the customer service of Delta. You can get quick responses and solutions on it. Go through the procedure and speak to the customer executive:

  • Visit the official website of Delta Airlines.
  • Then scroll down to the customer service and click on Help Center.
  • On the contact page, get to the Additional Assistance and click on it.
  • The phone numbers with the queries will be available there.
  • Pick your number and speak to the customer executive of the Airline.

Can I talk to a live agent at Delta Airlines?

Apart from the phone service, you can also get a live chat assistant at Delta Airlines. It will connect you directly with a live person irrespective of location and without any cost, and they will be there to help you 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Follow the procedure given below to get to the live chat agent at Delta Airlines:

  • Visit the official website of Delta Airlines.
  • Keep scrolling down and get to the customer service section.
  • Click on the “Message Us” from the given options.
  • The message sign is at the bottom right corner of the page.
  • Open it, pick your query, and start chatting with the live chat agent.

Is Delta Airlines available on the email?

You can also share your experiences with the delta airlines customer service. You can send them your experiences, suggestions, compliments, complaints, etc, and they will respond to you as soon as possible. They will take the necessary actions on your complaints and make the required changes and improvements and to ensure that you will have a great journey ahead. You just have to draft an email and send it to the email addresses mentioned below:


How to Connect with Delta Airlines on social media?

You can also send your queries to Delta Airlines on their social media platforms. The Delta Airlines team of social media is pretty active and will answer your queries quickly. You can tweet your issues or message them they will resolve them instantly. All the social media platforms of the Airline are listed below:

  • Facebook -
  • Twitter -
  • Instagram -
  • LinkedIn -


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