Iberia Airlines Name Change Policy

Can you Change the name on a plane ticket in Iberia?

Iberia is always kept at the top of the preferred airline’s list. The makers of Iberia’s policies have ensured the incorporation of all the flexible and passenger-centric advantages of the services. However, if you reserved your ticket and misspelled your name, you must be looking forward to rectifying it. Knowing the facts under the Iberia Airlines Name Change Policy cannot be wrong as this will prevent you from being imposed any charges.

Understand the Name change policy of Iberia

Knowing name change rules are important. This will assist you in knowing how many characters you can change, whether you need to incur a fee, and other factors. So, you are advised to delve into the points to understand the crux of it;

  • As far as Iberia Airlines Name Change Policy is concerned, you are not authorized to modify your entire name. 
  • Only some characters (only three) are authorized to be amended in your ticket. 
  • If you want to change your entire name, you need to produce the legal document to the agency so they can look into the same. 
  • You are not permitted to modify the name of your flight ticket to the name of another passenger. 
  • If you change your name after a period of 24 hours, the airline will impose a certain amount or a fee for changing your name. 
  • To know more rules on the same, you can get in touch with the agent of Iberia who will give you all the details related to the same.

Unlock the charges of changing a name on Iberia

The cost to change a name on Iberia begins from $30. This cost varies from region to region. So, get in touch with the team to know the updated cost.

Understand the methods to change names on Iberia Airlines

n addition to knowing the Iberia Airlines Name Change Policy, it is also important to know the processes or methods to modify the name. So, you are advised to take a look at the discussion to explore the method;

Change your name via the website. 

There is a primary method you can adopt to change your name (not wholly) via the official website of Iberia Airlines. The further steps are below; kindly read and follow them;

  • Click the “Manage My Booking.” 
  • Enter the ticket information, for example, your flight details, PNR number, etc., and search. 
  • Find your flight and click the option “Edit my Itinerary.” 
  • Go to the name page and edit it. (maximum three characters are allowed). 
  • To confirm, complete the transaction.

Call the official and ask to change your name

Secondly, you can also consider viewing and changing your name by making a phone call. For that, you need to dial 1 (800) 772-4642 or +1-802-341-3409 and have to wait until you listen to some of the IVRs over a call. Ensure you have all the ticket details such as PNR Number, name, etc., and at the end of the process, you have to incur a fee to the airline.

You can consider the following information to explore Iberia Airlines Name Change Policy, rules, and methods to do so.

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