Iberia Airlines Seat Selection

How to Choose a Seat on Iberia Airlines?

Iberia Airlines is a Spanish Airline that prioritises customer safety and comfort on board. In case you want to make Iberia Airlines Seat Selection, there are various seating options available, based on the class you travel. You can make Iberia seat selection at the time of booking, after the booking and during check-in before departure. Besides, the seat selection is subject to certain terms and conditions; you must go through it to avoid any inconvenience. The article below will help you get the preferred seat with Iberia; read it carefully.

Various methods to select seats with Iberia

Select seats via manage booking:

If you miss the Iberia Airlines Seat Selection during the booking, you can still choose your desired seat by following the methods below: 

  • Visit the Iberia web portal and stop by the 'Manage your booking' 
  • Provide the passenger's surname, booking code, and log in
  • Choose the ticket for seat selection, proceed with the seat selection option 
  • From the seat map, select a desired seat and pay for the applicable chargeable 
  • Submit your confirmation and follow the instructions to complete the seat selection process.

Seat selection during check-in:

For last-minute travellers, they can choose their seats during the online check-in on the website. The steps are as follows:

  • Go to the Iberia Web Page and click on 'Check-in online.' 
  • Enter the surname, ticket code, or reservation number, and click on 'Check-in online.' 
  • You can choose your itinerary and proceed with the check-in option
  • On the seat selection option, choose your seat from the seat map and save it
  • Pay the charges if applicable based on your seat type and follow the prompts to complete the seat selection process.

At the Airport:

Iberia also gives you an option to make your Iberia Airlines Seat Selection at the Airport. You can visit the Iberia help desk and ask the executive to make the seat selection on your behalf.

In addition, you can use the self-service Kiosk center to check in and choose your seats. Enter the details to verify your booking and proceed with the seat selection process by following the prompt on the screen.

Iberia Seat Selection Policy- Highlights

  • Iberia allows you to make your seat selection at the time of booking, after booking via the website, and before 24 hours of departure during online check-in or at the Airport. 
  • The airlines assign you a random seat subject to availability in case you don't make any seat selection before the departure. 
  • The standard seats are free in some cases; you need to pay a certain charge in case you choose desired seats with extra legroom, exit seats, etc.
  • The exit window seats and emergency seats may not be assigned to pregnant ladies, infants, senior citizens, and physically challenged or medically concerned passengers.

Conclusion: The information above guides you on how Iberia Airlines seats selection works and what the various terms and conditions are. For more details or in case you have any confusion, you can talk to Iberia Customer Service directly, or you can visit the seat selection page of Iberia on their website.


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