Icelandair Change Flight Policy

How to Change Icelandair Flight?

Icelandair flight change policies and procedures:

Icelandair is one of the greatest options for travelers who wish to cross transatlantic locations. This air carrier of Iceland not only offers exceptional services to its passengers but also allows them to make flight modifications following easy procedures. If you wish to change your flight bookings due to inevitable circumstances, then it is mandatory to obey Icelandair Change Flight Policy and then make any changes to your bookings. If you are unenlightened regarding the flight change policies of Icelandair, then you will be aided with the information provided-below:

What are Icelandair Airlines flight change policies?

Icelandair has made flight changes easy and flexible for customers by framing different policies. The important and most crucial Icelandair Change Flight Policy points are given below:

  • If any customer has already made flight bookings on Icelandair and wishes to make changes to his reservation within the initial 24 hours, then he can skip paying flight change fees.
  • Flight changes made by Icelandair ticket-holders after an interval of 24 hours are liable to make flight change-fees to the airlines.
  • If your Icelandair flights are delayed more than 3 hours, then you have the right to cancel your initial bookings and make changes according to your requirements. 
  • Flight changes can only be made if there is availability of alternate flights. 
  • Whenever the reason for flight changes is medical, customers can provide medical documents to be exempted from paying flight change fees.
  • Differential fees, along with flight change fees, must be paid by the customers to make changes to Icelandair bookings.

The online process to make Icelandair flight change:

To make changes to bookings, customers can go through the series of online steps given below, keeping Icelandair Change Flight Policy into mind, and make preferred modifications:

  • Go to the website of Icelandair.
  • Tap on the “manage-booking” option.
  • Booking reference and passenger’s last name must be inserted.
  • Click on your bookings, followed by “flight-change.”
  • Check availability by entering preferences.
  • Confirm your decision.
  • Make the remaining payment.

Contact Icelandair customer services to make flight changes:

Not only can customers use the online process described above to make flight changes, customer services can also be approached to make modifications. If you wish to change your reservations, then you can dial the phone number of the airlines: 1 (800) 223-5500 or +1-802-341-3409, inform them about the reason for the flight change request, and provide your booking information. The airline representative will check if your preferred flight option is available or not and then make travel modifications. Flight change fees can be paid online by the ticket-holders.

What are Icelandair flight change fees?

Icelandair charges customers who wish to make changes to their bookings. The fee might fluctuate depending upon attributes like the time at which you opt for flight change and the travel class you are holding a ticket of. Roughly estimation of the flight change fee is $200- $350. Customers can get exact quotes by approaching customer services.


Customers who have made bookings and cannot travel via Icelandair Airlines to their destinations can change bookings according to their requirements. They are advisable to carefully refer to the above-mentioned Icelandair Change Flight Policy and then make changes to their bookings. If more than one segment of the flight is changed, then higher fees are applicable.

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