Icelandair Name Change Policy

Can I Change Name on Icelandair Ticket?

Comprehensive characteristics pertaining to the Icelandair Name Change Policy.

What stressful it would be for the passengers if they mistakenly entered the wrong name during the booking process and are now not able to find a way to rectify it! Even though all the airlines extend their help at this major concern that the passenger is facing, Icelandair has an unblemished way of dealing with these issues, which helps the passenger to have a good travel experience.

If they want to make changes in the name for the reservation they have made, the information given below talks exclusively about the Icelandair Name Change Policy and the process associated with the name change.

Piece of information about the Icelandair Name Change Policy:

The passenger needs to follow through with the policy formulated by the airline in case they would like to proceed with the name change. The various attributes associated with the same Icelandair Name Change Policy are as follows:

  • The passenger is not allowed to make changes in the name to make the ticket transfer to a fellow passenger under any circumstance that arises. 
  • The airline allows the passenger to rectify the legal name they have under the conditions of marriage or if there has been a gender change. Under both circumstances, they are required to submit the legalized government documents of authorization for the same. 
  • The name correction should not exceed 3 characters, and the airline permits only 1 change per passenger.
  • Passengers would not be permitted to make name changes when the flight schedule is less than 4 hours, and the check-in process has been completed.

Divergent ways associated with the name change process with Icelandair:

Once the passenger has an understanding of the Icelandair Name Change Policy, it becomes quite easy to initiate the process, the details of which are laid out here as follows:

  • Filling out the request form with the airline:

The passenger can make the requisite for a name change with the airline through the request form that has been provided. The link for the same is present on the Contact Us page, accessible through the Support headline. Once the passenger fills in the request form with all the details required and submits it, the team with the airline will review the shared details and get connected to give the help needed.

  • Placing a call to talk to a live person on the airline:

An agent with the airline can be connected through a call ((00) 1-800-223-5500) or +1-802-341-3409, where the passenger can give details of the issue with the name entered during booking and subsequently get the help required to make the corrections as per the need by making the name correction fee payment.

  • Making the corrections at the airport ticket counter:

The passengers can use the availability of the ticket counters at the airport if they would like to correct their name. The staff at the counter would look over the type of change needed and guide further. To do the same, passengers needs to reach the airport well in advance before the change window closes.

Name change fee associated with Icelandair:

The fee for a name change usually depends on the extent of correction required, considering the Icelandair Name Change Policy. The passenger usually gets charged between 20 USD to 50 USD.


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