Is It Possible to Reserve a Delta Flight Without Paying

Are you pondering over Is it possible to reserve a Delta flight without paying?People can reserve Delta flights without paying by sticking to the ‘Hold reservation’ option available at  Delta airlines. The ‘Hold Ticket’ option is available for flights that have at least 72 hours to departure. Complete your reservation within 24 hours of the hold time. 

How Do I Reserve a Delta Flight Without Paying?

Passengers traveling with Delta airlines can temporarily reserve flights at if they are not sure about the trip. People can follow the below-mentioned steps in order to hold a fare at without paying for the reservation.

  • First and foremost, travelers need to proceed with normal online reservations. This can be done using the reservations bar at Or people can select the Flights option to proceed with their Delta reservations. 
  • Enter the required details on the reservations page such as your arrival and departure airport along with the departure date. This is the next step after selecting the flight type you wish to take at Delta airlines.
  • Mention the total number of passengers going to accompany you on your flight and also select the flight type for your reservation from the drop-down list on the page. 
  • Hit the search flight option and select a suitable option on the search result page. Customize your reservation as per your choice and move ahead to the payments page.
  • Here, you will find the hold flight option and passengers must select this as they do not want to pay for their booking. Selecting the hold flight option will hold the fare for you and people can proceed with the reservations within 24 hours window if they plan to take it.

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