Is checked baggage included with Vietnam Airlines

Is Checked Baggage included with Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines gives the fares a particular value when booking a flight ticket to your required destination. It encourages you to book a cheap flight ticket and get additional benefits. It offers a comfortable and convenient flight booking service and the baggage service you can find at your required time. Hence, if you want to make your flight journey more comfortable by carrying personal items and bringing back meaningful gifts from far away for your lover or to have your essential baggage, Vietnam Airlines gives you one free baggage allowance of 23 kg on flights operated by Vietnam groups especially.

Is checked luggage included with Vietnam Airlines

Yes, Vietnam includes only one piece of checked baggage free in the Economy class. It provides a brilliant facility for each piece of luggage checked in must be at most 23 kg for Economy and Premium Economy class and 32 kilograms of a business class that comes for health and safety reasons. It lets you travel to your required destination at your required time, and you will have to check the baggage at the airport and go through the complete guide to checking baggage completely with Vietnam Airlines.

Information for the baggage on Vietnam Airlines:

Suppose you want to get significant relaxation and comfort to your required destination and get complete help for the checked baggage with Vietnam Airlines. It offers each type of baggage you can carry when traveling to your required destination. To get exceptional service for checked baggage, you must go through the additional baggage services provided by the experts below.

  • Carry-on baggage.
  • Excess baggage.
  • Special baggage.
  • Checked baggage.
  • Cabin baggage.
  • Free baggage allowance.
  • Delayed, damaged and lost baggage, etc.

If you wish to know the checked baggage in detail, you must go through the specific points provided by the representative customer team available to assist you with the baggage service at every time.

Get started with the checked baggage information for the Vietnam Airlines:

  • When you choose wholly Vietnam domestic routes, your checked baggage should be 23 kg for Economy and Premium Economy class and 32 kg for business class.
  • Suppose you are traveling to Vietnam, Japan, and Russia from Australia. In that case, you will easily carry at least two checked baggage of 23 kg for Economy and Premium Economy and 32 kg for business class.
  • If you add excess baggage with the same weight in the reserved classes, you must pay extra charges and manage your flight securely.
  • When you travel within Southeast Asia and grab the wholly domestic routes, you will get checked baggage of 23 kg to 32 kg in Economy, Premium Economy, and business class.
  • You will get the free baggage allowance for infants under two years old and use other essential itineraries.

You will also get the luggage allowance for Vietnam Airlines and carry only two pieces of baggage, of which dimensions should not exceed 107 inches in length, 62 inches in weight in a combined liner, and its weight should not exceed more than 32 kg per bag exceptionally. However, suppose you want some other essential facilities for the checked baggage. In that case, you must dial Vietnam Airlines phone number is approachable to assist you at your required time, especially at any time.


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