Is PCR test required for Japan Airlines?

Do I Need a Covid test for Japan Airline?

The passengers traveling with Japan Airlines must ensure they fulfill all the covid 19 requirements before boarding their flight. They must ensure they have all the required documents from the airline and the PCR report before boarding their flight ticket. The passengers can also connect with the representative over the Japan Airlines Phone Number 1-802-341-3409 and ask them about the rules and regulations related to Japan Airline Covid 19 rules.

Japan Airlines Covid-19 rules and regulations?

  • Passengers traveling from or to Japan with valid vaccination certificates are not required to submit a negative PCR report before boarding their flight.
  • If the passengers are traveling to or from any other country in that case, they need to submit the negative PCR report taken within 72 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • The passengers must take quarantine measures when they enter Japan from any other country, depending upon the classification of the country in which they were staying before traveling to Japan and whether they have a valid vaccination certificate or not.
  • The passengers are not required to submit the PCR certification depending on whether the passengers have both vaccination certificates.
  • The airlines also provide the passengers with the PCR service at home to submit their report in advance when they need to board their domestic flight.
  • Some nations want a digital or paper test certificate and vaccination certificate with a QR code. Check TravelDoc to confirm the documentation you'll need at the airport for further information about this certificate, which may differ from the lab's results.
  • The permitted vaccine, its validation requirements, and the minimum interval between the previous injection and the traveler's departure vary from nation to nation. Additionally, several nations demand that all visitors, regardless of vaccination status, complete the COVID-19 text to understand the quarantine time.

Bottom Line

The above-given information will help you understand whether Is PCR test required for Japan Airlines? And for more details, visit the official website of the airline.


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