Is Ryanair an OK Airlines

Is Ryanair an OK Airlines

Ryanair is a flag carrier of Ireland, and it is one of the low-cost airlines which flyers choose to have a comfortable journey. Considering its low fare, if you are wondering if is Ryanair an Ok airline to fly with or not, you can decide that by yourself after considering the amenities they provide. There are a number of services that they offer to the passengers for comfortability and suitability, which makes them an excellent airline to fly with.

Amenities Of Ryanair Airlines

Below you will learn about Ryanair's services, facilities, and features, which will help you consider if it is an ok airline.

  • Budget Friendly: The first thing which attracts flyers the most is the low-fare flights to different destinations. Ryanair offers flight tickets at a very reasonable price which is budget friendly and helps people to reach their destination without burdening their pockets.
  • Different Fare Types: The passengers will get different fare types to make their bookings. There are fare types like Standard Fare, Plus, Flexi Plus, and Family Plus to choose from. You can make your bookings depending on your requirement and budget. All the fare types have different features and prices.
  • Baggage Allowance: There is a free bag check for all the passengers flying on a Ryanair flight. And depending upon the fare types, the baggage allowance changes. A passenger can also add additional baggage on their flight with the service charge.
  • Refreshments and Meals: There is a refreshment and meals option available onboard. So while traveling with Ryanair, you do not have to worry about your appetite, and you can order food on a flight at a reasonable price.
  • Comfort Seating: The seating on Ryanair Airlines flights are pretty comfortable, which makes your journey smooth. There is enough space for the passengers to sit comfortably and enough leg space too. The passengers also can choose seats of their choice before boarding.
  • Special Assistance: A passenger also gets special assistance on the Ryanair flight. If a person has mobility issues and requires a wheelchair, they can ask for assistance from the officials.
  • Customer Service: For passengers, Ryanair has also provided customer service. Passengers can anytime reach out to them with their doubts about whether you have a booking or not. All your queries will be answered by the officials.

These were a few of the amenities Ryanair Airlines has. Now, you can decide whether it is an ok airline to make your bookings or not. For more information about their services, you can check out their official site and explore the service options.

How to Contact Ryanair Airlines

Suppose you are considering Ryanair to make your bookings after learning about their amenities but first like to receive assistance from an executive about your few queries, then reaching out to the customer service team might be the best option for you.

Here is the procedure for connecting with an executive on call:

  • Dial the Ryanair phone number: +39-0230-560-007.
  • Do as per the instructions you got on the call,
  • Then within sometime, your call will be met with a Ryanair executive,
  • You can ask the doubts you have regarding flying with them,
  • The executive will clarify your doubts on the call, without any delay.

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