Is TAP Portugal strict on baggage

Is TAP Portugal Strict on Baggage

If you are going on a vacation and not a light packer, you would be better off having the details on the baggage limitation at TAP Air Portugal. TAP Air Portugal baggage limitations are not too restrictive. The baggage limitations depend on the ticket class as per the baggage policy. If you are thinking, “Is TAP Portugal strict on baggage” the airline has pretty relaxed rules and regulations on baggage allowances. You can carry extra baggage at an additional charge depending on your travel route and ticket class. You have to be aware of the baggage policy so that you can travel without any last-minute hassles.

TAP Portugal baggage policy:

Limitations on free of charge Cabin baggage -

  • In economy and business class, you can carry one bag and a personal item. 
  • In the executive class, you can carry 2 bags and 1 personal item.
  • The maximum weight of the bag is 22 lbs, and the personal item is 4.4lbs.
  • Personal items include a handbag, computer case, walking aids, medical devices, or a duty-free shopping bag.
  • Cabin baggage should be within the size limitations given by the airline.

Check-in baggage:

  • The free-of-cost check-in baggage limitation varies depending on the ticket class and the flight routes.
  • The Basic flight fare tickets are allowed a maximum of 1 bag on intercontinental flights with a maximum weight limit of 50lbs.
  • In the Executive class, you get to check in 2 items of 70lbs weight per item.
  • If you are traveling on a classic fare ticket, you can carry 1 item of 50 lbs on all routes.
  • If you are traveling with a baby under 2 years, you can check in an extra bag of maximum 10 kgs and a fully foldable pram or basket.

Excess baggage:

  • If your checked in baggage exceeds the weight or size limitations given by the airline, there will be additional charges depending on your ticket class and flight route.

Special cabin Baggage:

  • Fragile items like works of art, musical instruments, or valuable items like diplomatic bags are considered special baggage.
  • You can book your special baggage by calling the tap portugal phone number and purchasing a seat for it.
  • You have to purchase a seat for special cabin baggage, and the weight should not exceed 66.13 lbs.

This information will be useful when you want to get details on baggage policy at TAP Air Portugal. For any other help, visit the official website.

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