Is Thai Airways strict on baggage

Is Thai Airways strict on baggage

Yes, if you are someone who has purchased tickets with Thai airways and there is luggage you might think can exceed the weight limit that is explained in the policies of the baggage of Thai airways so you have to read along as you are explained policies regarding the luggage that you might take with you along with other things that you need to know related to luggage like the cost of excess.

What is the policy on luggage

There are various rules for the checkin and carry-on luggage that you can take with you, and policies of them are as follows 

  • If you are traveling economy, then you can carry one bag of 23 kg, and the size limit is 158 linear inches.
  • For first class travelers, you can carry 32 kg and three bags.
  • Also, carry 32 kg bag, and the total bags that you are allowed to carry two bags for business class travelers.

What are some of the rules of baggage

There are some rules of thai airways they are.

  • The airlines provide one personal free item, and if you want to take any other luggage, even carry it on, then you have to pay a cost to cost for that 
  • So you have to know that personal items must not exceed the mentioned weight limit so they can fit under the seating area properly if you are not following the rule for carry on, then you have to pay the cost as it is not considered a carry-on luggage.
  • Star alliance gold owners can take 20 kg of extra.
  • For those who own royal orchid, you can take 30 kg extra, and ROP silver can carry 20 kg extra of the allowance.

What is the way to reach support regarding your luggage

If you are not able to comprehend anything surely you can try reaching the support team after calling them on e 1-802-341-3409 and you have to select your issue after selecting your preferred language and then ask them anything you want to know, and all the information is given 

So for those who want to know anything regarding the luggage and you wanted to know answer of Thai Airways strict on baggage then it is a possibility that you are going for a travel with thai airways and you want to know all regarding the luggage policies  as it is always a good to know some rules as well to avoid any extra cost that might affect your economical trip 


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