Kenya Airways New York Office?

How Do I Contact Kenya Airways?

There are many things that make trouble for you and eventually affect your journey, sometimes negatively or positively. But no matter what the issue is, the one thing about which you need to be concerned is how you can resolve these issues at Kenya Airways to make your journey stress-free and pleasant. You can ask for help from the Kenya Airways office located in New York, as the customer service is there to make things easier for you. We will get through the Airline’s office information so you can enlighten yourself.

Kenya Airways New York office address: when you are not able to resolve your issues and taking help from the customer service of the Airlines has become a bit difficult for you, then you can visit the Kenya Airways New York Office and get solutions for your queries there. Some of the details of the office are mentioned below. Go through them and enlighten yourself about the same:

  • Office Address - Office Address of Kenya Airways: Place DU 27 Juin, Manelik Square, New York, Kenya
  • Customer Service hours - 24 hours a day and seven days a week
  • Kenya Airways website -
  • Email Address -

Kenya Airways baggage service details: there is no doubt that this is normal that you lost your things at the Airport. It could be anything from the smallest of items to your baggage. When this happens, it is important that you should get to the lost and found section of the Airport and provide them details about the same, or you can also dial +251-11-5511548 or 1-802-341-3409, the baggage inquiry phone number, and resolve your queries. Some of the essential phone numbers are also given below:

  • General Queries - +251-11-5514258 & 1-802-341-3409
  • Lost and Found - +254-20-3274747

How Do I Contact Kenya Airways New York on the phone?

The quickest way to resolve your queries will be the Kenya Airways Phone Number, as you will be directly connected to customer service. You can share your issues with them and get the instant response and solutions. You just have to follow the below-mentioned steps to speak to someone at Kenya Airways new york office:

  • Dial +251-11-5514258 or 1-802-341-3409, the customer support phone number of Kenya Airways New York Office, and get through the IVR instructions.
  • Press 1 to pick your preferred language at the help center.
  • You can also get the details of your scheduled flight by pressing 2.
  • For queries such as baggage, parking, check-in, boarding pass, etc., you can press 3.
  • If you get into any trouble, crime, or for lost and found complaints, kindly press 4.
  • To speak to the customer representative of Kenya Airways, you need to press 5.

Are there any services that the Kenya Airways office has?

There are many services that the Kenya Airways New York office has for its passengers and visitors. You just have to get through them and get well informed about the same so that you can access them anytime:

  • Restaurants and Lounges -  can avail them easily at the Airport.
  • Special Assistant - for the physically impaired passengers.
  • Baggage Enquiries - about the size, check-in fees, etc.
  • Lost and Found - to get your lost things back.
  • Language Assistant - coordinate in the language you want.


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