KLM Airlines Flight Change Policy

KLM airlines provide flight changes to travelers and one can easily change their flight reservations online and offline. One can communicate with the flight professionals in order to get effective assistance as far as flight changes are concerned. 

Let us consider the inclusions of the KLM airline’s flight change policy to better understand flight changes for your reservations. 

  • Passengers can make the desired changes to their flights reserved at KLM without any additional cost if they are able to process the changes within 24 hours of the initial reservation.
  • Travelers need to pay change charges to the airline if they are unable to make the required changes within the above-mentioned time at KLM. KLM airline charges EUR 150 for flight changes.
  • The flight change fee varies according to the place of travel. For instance, if you are someone who is flying from Canada or the U.S.A. then the flight change fee is EUR 300, which is double the standard change charges at KLM. 
  • Also, if passengers have a FLEX reservation at KLM they are able to make the desired changes to their reservation for free. People can connect with the reservations department at KLM to get help with flight changes.
  • Passengers need to pay the fare difference if they are changing travel dates or the designated flight schedule at KLM. This is also applicable to the 24-hour changes as well. 
  • KLM automatically provides all the available flight change options to consumers and this is available online on the official KLM website. People can navigate to www.klm.nl for changes. 

Note: if you have any doubts or confusion related to KLM flight changes, you can always connect with the support team at KLM for help. Dial the hotline number for help. 

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