KLM Airlines Pet Policy

KLM Airlines Pet Policy-Detailed Guide

If you are traveling with a pet onboard KLM Airlines, you must know its policy, which is discussed below in this post. The KLM airlines pet policy allows passengers to make a reservation for their domestic pet and prepare them for the onboard journey. As per the pet policy of KLM Airlines, passengers can carry their dogs and cats with them in the cable or on hold during their flight. For further details on the policy, you can refer to the below-highlighted points:

  • If you have made up your mind to carry your dog or cat along with you, you must make a reservation for them within at least 24 hours after you have booked your flight or at least 48 hours before your departure as the capacity on the aircraft is limited.
  • Passengers carrying their pets in checked-in baggage with KLM Airlines need to pay USD 150 onwards as a fee to carry the animal to the airline.
  • If you want to carry your pet along with you during the same flight, make sure that your pet is at least 15 weeks old.
  • The travel bag that is carrying your cat or dog must be 46 x 28 x 24 cm case of flying with them in a cabin to fit your baggage in front of your seat. 
  • The weight of your cabin luggage carrying the pet should not exceed the limit of 8 kg as per the policy of KLM Airlines.
  • All the passengers who have a pet must make a reservation through my trip section, or they can contact the airline customer support agent as well.
  • A few exceptional cats and dog breeds are not allowed on board with KLM Airlines, so kindly check before taking them on board.

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