Latam Airlines Manage Booking

How Do I Manage My Latam Airlines Booking?

A quick guide on 'Latam Airlines Manage Booking'

Latam Airlines is a prominent airline that provides seamless services and policies to its passengers, making their journey smooth and comfortable. In case you book a flight ticket with Latam and realize some modifications need to be done, do not worry. Using the 'Latam Airlines Manage Booking options, you can manage your travel anytime without any hassle. You can manage booking with Latam by visiting the official site of the airline. Besides, in case any assistance is needed, speak to the Latam representative directly. Further details are included in the article below; stay tuned, and you can explore all the relevant information.

Modifications you can do using the Latam Manage booking section

Latam allows its travelers to make the modifications for free unless they complete the formalities within 24 hours, and the flight departure is after seven days. However, if time passes, a change fee might apply based on various factors. Let's check out what modifications you can perform using the Latam Airlines Manage Booking option:

  • Manage travel time, date, destinations, name, etc
  • Add seats, upgrade seats, add meals, service, hold luggage, child devices 
  • View the reservation and rebook Latam flight ticket when needed 
  • Updating contact details.

How to manage booking with Latam Airlines?

If you book the ticket directly from the Latam Airlines website, via the contact center, or at the airport, you can manage booking directly by visiting the official website. Here is how:

  • Go to the official Latam Airlines website and then log in to your account 
  • For those having no account, go to the 'Manage Booking' section
  • You need to access the details by providing a confirmation number and surname
  • Choose the ticket you wish to manage, and clcik on 'Edit Reservation' or 'Modify booking.'
  • Make the changes you prefer, such as changing dates, names, adding seats, meals, etc and save them
  • On the payments page, clear the payment fare difference and change fee if applicable and follow the prompt 
  • The system will share a confirmation email with you once the ticket is modified 

Latam Airways manages booking terms and conditions

Latam Airways provides 24 hours if the departure is seven days later to manage the booking for free, irrespective of fare conditions. However, in case you miss the risk-free period, you will have to pay the change fee based on various terms and conditions such as rote, change time, destination, fare conditions, etc.

The Latam Airways Manage booking policy is applicable to the bookings that you make directly from the Latam website, call center, or at the airport. It is not applicable to third-party bookings.

Conclusion: By walking through the details, hopefully, you will learn how Latam Airways manages booking works. Besides, make sure to read thoroughly the various terms and conditions to avoid any hassle. In case you still have any concerns or further details are needed, you can visit the official Latam Airlines website or speak to Latam Airlines customer service directly. The team can help you throughout the process, and if needed, the team can also make modifications on your behalf.

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