LATAM Airlines Name Change Policy

How Do I Change my Name on my Latam Ticket?

Inserting an incorrect name while making a flight reservation is a common mistake; LATAM understands this genuine issue and enables ticket holders to make relevant changes. However, it must be noted that changes made to already reserved tickets must be in accordance with set policies and terms and conditions. Crucial LATAM Airlines Name Change Policy highlights are mentioned in the following section. It is wise to go through them to collect information regarding eligibility to make name changes.

Important LATAM Airlines Name Change Policies:

LATAM always wants its customers to be aware of the eligible conditions before making name changes. Not only name changes are permitted by LATAM Airlines. Travelers need to obey the following important LATAM Airlines Name Change Policy to make permitted amendments to LATAM bookings:

  • LATAM only enables customers to make one correction per ticket.
  • Only travelers holding issued tickets can make changes to their name. 
  • Not the entire name can be changed on the LATAM ticket; only up to three characters can be changed by ticket holders. 
  • If you have any valid legal reason to make a name change, or you change your name after marriage or divorce, then LATAM allows you to modify your tickets. 
  • There are many chances in which travelers mistakenly enter the incorrect titles of their names; they are eligible to make changes.
  • Name changes can only be made to LATAM unused or partially used tickets.
  • If a reservation consists of more than one individual, then it must be noted that LATAM only enables customers to make changes once they.

The online process to make LATAM name change:

All the important details regarding LATAM Airlines Name Change Policy are mentioned above; Now, it is important that you go through the procedure to make changes:

  • Visit the LATAM Airline website.
  • Click on the "Manage your trips" option.
  • The reservation code and passenger's last name must be filled in.
  • As you find your booking, you must click on the name change alternative.
  • You can now make the allowed changes.
  • Press the save and confirm tap.
  • Soon, you will obtain a name change email on your linked email address.

Get through LATAM customer services to make name changes:

Travelers who wish to make name changes on LATAM flights can also get through customer services if they are facing any trouble processing it online. They need to dial the official LATAM contact number: 1-866- 435-9526 or +1-802-341-3409 and stay in the phone line to get their calls --connected with live representatives handling name changes. They need to mention booking details to discover their tickets and then make a name change request. All the essential name change documents must be provided. If they qualify for the same and obey LATAM Airlines Name Change Policy they are expected to pay name change fee.

Important documents that are required to validate your name change request:

Travelers who desire to make changes to their existing LATAM flights need to handle the following important documents to the airline:

  • Identity proof that specifies their correct name.
  • Marriage or divorce certificate.
  • If you have legal concerns about a name change, then you must also enclose those documents. 

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