LATAM Airlines Pet Policy

What is LATAM  Airlines Pet Policy?

Whether you wnat to travel along with your pet or want the pet to be transported through the aircraft, LATAM has flexible rules for the owners of the pets. Your pet can avail the advantage of traveling in the cabin, as checked baggage, or can be transported as cargo; follow this guide to know in detail.

Pet policy of LATAM Airlines

By paying some money, you can travel with your pet without any disturbance. LATAM encourages passengers to fly more often with their loved animals, the LATAM Airlines Pet Policy is written here; please read these terms and conditions:

  • LATAM allows passengers to travel the world with their beloved pets in the cabin as checked luggage, and they can also be delivered through cargo. 
  • LATAM's pet policy allows only one pet per passenger in their cabin. 
  • Passengers need to submit the veterinarian certificate involving all the information asked from the airline's side. 
  • Brachycephalic and dangerous breeds are strictly prohibited from flying with LATAM as checked luggage.

Rules for traveling with the pet in the cabin

In the LATAM, if you are flying with your pet, then you should know about a few rules that are applied in the LATAM's cabin. The LATAM Airlines Pet Policy of the cabin is given below:

  • The sum of the weight of a container must not exceed more than 7 Kg.; a passenger can travel with only one pet. 
  • 4 hours earlier than the scheduled departure, passengers can book a seat for their pet. However, this is not applicable to traveling from/to Brazil. 
  • For the cabin, the passenger must book an Economy or Premium Economy Class ticket.  
  • If you are flying in the US- 40 USD needs to be paid. If flying within Colombia- 20 USD; within Peru- 45 USD; within Brazil- 400 USD respectively.

Rules for traveling the pet as checked bag

Some of the pets are not allowed to travel in-cabin. In that condition, a passenger can travel with their pet as checked luggage. Here is the major LATAM Airlines Pet Policy as checked bag:

  • Passengers can book the flight for their pets 2 days prior to the scheduled takeoff. 
  • The requirement for the dimension of the container is 300 linear cm. (width+height+length), whereas the height should not be more than 115 cm. 
  • Food and water bowls must be contained in the pet container for the ease of the pet.

Rules for the pet traveling in cargo

Cargo traveling means that your pet will be transported from a different aircraft.  The LATAM Airlines Pet Policy for the cargo traveling is here; go through it:

  • In one container, you can only transport one pet. 
  • Age of less than 16 weeks old pets are not allowed to avail the cargo traveling. 
  • Pets that are allowed in cargo are cattle, goats, pigs, lambs, live fish, etc. 
  • An anti-rabies vaccination certificate is a must for cats and dogs flying in cargo.


Journey with the pet in the sky is not an easy task; however, if you are traveling with LATAM Airlines then it is. This guide will share all the necessary details that you need.


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