LATAM Cancellation Policy

Does LATAM offer 24 hour Cancellation Policy?

You can make cancellations with LATAM Airlines if you are having any emergency or anything else. However, to cancel the flight tickets, you should know how that can happen, everything about the procedures, the LATAM Cancellation Policy, and the cost. We are going to discuss each and everything that is connected to the cancellation of your flight tickets. So that it can become easy to cancel the flights, the executives will also enlighten you on whether you are eligible for a refund or not and how you can make requests.

What is the flight Cancellation Policy of LATAM Airlines?

The Airline offers various terms and conditions regarding the LATAM Cancellation Policy. However, before you make cancellations, it is essential to be enlightened about it :

  • To get a full refund from LATAM Airlines, you must cancel the tickets within 24 hours of ticket purchase. 
  • You will get a full refund from the Airline, even without a 24-hour window, if you have purchased refundable tickets.
  • With non-refundable flight tickets, the Airline will not provide you with the amount of the ticket; however, you can request applicable charges or government taxes.
  • Even if you have completed the onboard flight process, but your health deteriorates, you can cancel the flight.
  • When you are requesting a refund, for the reasons mentioned, you need to submit all the required documents with the medical papers.
  • If you are an active member of the Loyalty Program of the Airline. You can have some advantages or concessions over the cancellation charges.
  • According to the LATAM Cancellation Policy, there could be some emergencies as well, such as medical issues, accidents, sudden demise at home, etc.
  • If it is the Airline that canceled your ticket because of technical errors, bad weather conditions, overbooking, bird strike, etc. Then you can ask for a refund with compensation from the Airline.
  • Your flight tickets can be canceled because of a 3 or 4-hour delay. In such situations, you can ask for a refund from LATAM Airlines with compensation. 
  • You can miss your layover flight because of continuous delays, then either the Airline will give you a refund or book another flight.
  • The Airline can offer you miles and coupons for the inconveniences you go through during the flight.  
  • The cancellation fee depends on the route, class, ticket type, and the time of the cancellation.

How to cancel LATAM tickets on the phone?

When you need to cancel the flight with LATAM Airlines you might be searching for the best and quick responses. The executives will be there to help you. Dial 1 (866) 435-9526 or +1-802-341-3409, the LATAM Cancellation Policy phone number, and give the ticket details, such as the confirmation number and the last name for the cancellation.

Can I cancel the LATAM ticket online?

You can cancel the flight online as well and have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the official website of LATAM Airlines. 
  • Go to My Trip and ticket details to open it.
  • Get to the Menu and select cancellation to fill out the form.
  • Follow the further instructions, and the cancellation number will be given to use during the refund requests. 

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