Lot Polish Airlines Cancellation Policy

What is the Cancellation Policy forLot Polish Airlines?

Learn about LOT Polish Airlines’ ticket cancellation.

Any ticket might tend to be canceled if your travel plans are being dropped off. For the booking with LOT Polish Airlines, if you are looking for cancellation, then you can be assured that the airline offers a customer-friendly cancellation to you so that you can easily get done with the process you are looking for. The below-mentioned details shall help you cancel the ticket and get the help with the same.

LOT Polish Airlines’ Cancellation Policy

Regarding canceling a booking you have with LOt Polish, you must read through the Lot Polish Airlines Cancellation Policy to understand the guidelines and rules you must abide by. The guidelines are:

  • To skip paying the cancelation fee, you can cancel the booking within 24 hours of the purchase time. The ticket’s buying date must be seven days before departure. Irrespective of the fare rules, all the bookings are eligible with the policy. 
  • If the booking is a premium or business class booking, you can cancel the same at any time you wish to within three hours of departure. 
  • If the airline cancels the booking or gets delayed, the airline shall adjust you to another flight or pay you back the total amount spent for the flight. 
  • If the flight you have booked you are canceling due to any medical emergency or health conditions, you will not be charged a penalty, and you can get the complete amount refunded from the airline.

LOT Polish Airlines’ Cancellation Fee

Upon agreeing to the Lot Polish Airlines Cancellation Policy, multiple charges can be charged for canceling the booking. The fees are as follows:

  • There are no cancellation charges if the cancellation has been made as per the 24-hour policy. 
  • For domestic flights, the cancellation fee can range from $100 to $200, whereas the international flight’s cancellation cost shall range between $200 to $500. 
  • Business and premium bookings are not charged any cancellation fee.

LOT Polish cancellation Process

After going through the information, you can process the cancellation of the ticket booked with LOT Polish Airlines. You can use the online process for canceling the booking by following the given steps:

  • Visit through LOT Polish Airlines’ homepage. 
  • Get on to Manage Booking and salvage the reservation. 
  • Now, get to the menu icon and choose the cancel option. Proceed through the on-screen guides to complete the process. 
  • Once you are done, you shall receive a confirmation from the airline to the registered email address.

After going through Lot Polish Airlines Cancellation Policy, you can also get through the process through the offline mode. You can choose to dial the number and follow the instructions given below that shall help you ahead:

  • Dial 48 22 577 77 55 or +1-802-341-3409 and follow the IVRs you get. 
  • Then, choose one and connect with an executive. 
  • Let the same learn of your need and then grab the help you want.

Conclusion- From the abovementioned details, you must have all the required details regarding Lot Polish Airlines' cancellation policy or process. However, if there is any other issue you are looking for help with, then you can go through their website or communicate with them.

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