LOT Polish Airlines Name Change Policy

How to Change the Name on a Lot Polish Airlines Ticket?

Descriptive details on LOT Polish Airlines Name Change Policy:

Not able to understand how to make the name change with LOT Polish Airlines? Still in a dilemma on what are the policies and processes associated with the name change on the airline? No need to worry, as the airline has formulated the best of LOT Polish Airlines Name Change Policy and easily approachable process, the details which you can read through and comprehend.

Information about LOT Polish Airlines Name Change Policy:

There are certain LOT Polish Airlines Name Change Policy, which you need to adhere to if there is a requirement for initiating the name change with the LOT Polish Airlines. The indicators for with the same are given here as follows:

  • Name change with the airline is allowed to be done with no additional cost charged till 24 hours from the time the booking was made. 
  • You are allowed to make changes in the first name as per the rule, and reversal of the name is also allowed. 
  • The name change is allowed by the airline in situations when you have had a recent marriage, divorce, or adoption. For the same, you would need to submit the details of the authorized documentation as proof of verification.

Details on LOT Polish Airlines Name Change Process:

LOT Polish Airlines indeed has various techniques available to initiate the name change. The details are as follows:

Name change process with the airline via the online portal:

Upon going through the LOT Polish Airlines name change policy, you can make changes to the name of the passenger by getting the same done following the steps given below:

  • ​Race through LOT Polish Airlines’ official website. 
  • Tap on the Manage Booking option and salvage the reservation using the booking reference code and the last name of the passenger. 
  • Then, get on the booking summary page and tap on the menu icon list. 
  • Choose the change option, and from the drop-down, click on the name change tab. 
  • Make the changes and proceed through to the payment page. 
  • You shall receive a confirmation from the airline to the registered email address.

Initiating the name change with LOT Polish Airline on call:

For help with changing the name on the ticket, after reading through LOT Polish Airlines name change policy, you can connect with an executive and get the requirements done. The given steps shall help you communicate with the airline for help.

  • Dial LOT Polish Airlines’ contact number and choose the language you want. 
  • Follow the IVR and easily connect with an executive. 
  • Soon, you will be able to get through LOT Polish Airlines, to whom you can either request help or ask the same to complete the needful on your behalf.

Requesting for name change at the airport:

If the methods provided above prove to be futile, you can directly make a request for a name change with the LOT Polish Airline. The staff at the airport will help you with commencing the process if necessary. You need to reach the airport well in advance, visit the airline's office, submit the document, and get the name changed.

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