LOT Polish Airlines Pet Policy

Does LOT Polish Airlines allow Pets?

Trips can only be more memorable if the passengers take their furry four-legged friends along to create beautiful memories on their trip. Every airline tries to accommodate pets in the flight journey. Lot Polish Airlines is very much a preferred flight for passengers as it has very pet-friendly policies. The Lot Polish Airlines Pet Policy has been formulated by the airlines by keeping divergent factors at crux of it.

Read through to find the pointers pertaining to pet policy with airline.

Descriptive information about the Lot Polish Airlines Pet Policy

The passengers traveling with the airline are provided with the following options if they want to travel with their pets.

  1. Traveling with the pet in the cabin:
  • The Lot Polish Airlines Pet Policy allows passenger to carry their dogs in the cabin, given that they follow the rules mentioned below:
  • The weight of the pet, along with the container in which it is kept, should not be more than 8 kg. 
  • The kennel should have a specific dimension in the range of 55/40/20 cm* or 45/30/20 cm* as per the flight type of the airline. The pet should fit in the kennel completely with breathable space provided. 
  • In emergency situations, the container can be placed under the seat assigned, and the charge taken by the airline usually ranges between 50 USD and 150 USD.
  1. In the baggage hold:

  • The pets can very easily be transported on carriers if they are able to follow the particulars given diligently:

  • A single adult animal can be taken in the carrier for travel. If the pet is younger than 6 months, a maximum of 3 pets are allowed in one carrier to be taken. 
  • The specifications for the container range between - 125/96/64 cm, 137/114/86 cm, 120/102/71 cm, and 170/70/143 cm for various flights. 
  • The charges for the pets traveling in baggage hold is 150 USD to 400 USD, which would vary depending on the type of pet that is traveling.
  1. Transportation of animals as cargo:

The airline allows passengers to transport their animals in the cargo at high rates of safety standards, given they are enclosed in a suitable transported to be safely handled by the trained team with the airline.

  1. Travel with guide dogs:

Additionally, the Lot Polish Airlines Pet Policy is quite flexible for service dogs, which is required for people with special assistance requirements. They can be transported free of charge, with no weight limit, with no container in a harness.

Important documents on traveling with pets:

There are some documents that the passenger needs to keep with them to have a hassle-free travel experience:

  • Vaccination certificates and records are all up-to-date.
  • A fitting container or transporter meets the basic dimensional requirements. 
  • All the veterinary health certifications are issued a minimum of 48 hours before scheduled departure. 
  • Unique Passport with all the details pertaining to the dog and its details.

Note: Traveling with pets should be intimidated atleast 12 hours before the departure with a minimum of 48 hours of intimidation to the airline in the case of service dogs. The animals with less than 21 days vaccination dose and less than 3 months old are not permitted to travel in the airline.

Winding Up: Herein are all the details about the Lot Polish Airlines Pet Policy, which the passenger can refer to before making a booking with the airline to travel with their pets. 


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