Lufthansa Airlines Pet Policy

Lufthansa Airlines Pet Policy

Taking your pets on a flight is important for several pet owners. Animal lovers tend to take their pets on their flights wherever they are going instead of leaving them alone at their places.

If you plan to do the same and have a scheduled flight booking with Lufthansa Airlines, you are reading the perfect material. The points listed below will help you effectively understand the Lufthansa Airlines pet policy.

What is the Pet Policy of Lufthansa Airlines?

You’ll have to abide by certain rules for carrying;

  • Lufthansa Airlines only allows dogs and cats as pets on their scheduled flights.
  • To be exact, only snub-nosed animals are allowed on Lufthansa flights.
  • Lufthansa Airlines allows fighting and assistance dogs on their scheduled flights.
  • You can book your pet as additional carry-on baggage in the passenger cabin or excess baggage in the air-conditioned cargo hold of the aircraft.
  • Your pet should meet the size and weight of the Lufthansa Pet Policy.
  • You should completely vaccinate your pet, and you must have rabies certification.
  • You should have the ownership document of the pet, and you’ll have to showcase the document at the time of booking your flight tickets.
  • The document should hold the information showcasing your pet's age and the date and place of purchase.
  • All these documents are to be showcased while booking your Lufthansa flight tickets.
  • Once you confirm your booking, you’ll have to contact the Lufthansa Airlines customer support number and speak to a dedicated executive regarding your booking.

Therefore, one can understand the Lufthansa Airlines Pet Policy with the help of going through all the points listed above for your perusal and benefit. Once you figure out the whole concept, you can effortlessly take your pet on the Lufthansa flight.

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