Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection

Do you get to pick your seats on Lufthansa?

Traveling to any destination to an undesired seat is one of the most irksome and unpleasant experiences. Especially if you have a flight for an international destination, it is important that you select the most desired seat and reach your destination comfortably. Lufthansa allows passengers to select seats prior to boarding. If you are traveling on Lufthansa Airlines, then it is very essential that travelers are well aware of Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection policies and procedures. To avoid all the confusion, all relevant details are stacked up in the approaching section.

What are Lufthansa Airlines seat selection policies?

There are some specific rules that are expected to be followed by the customers who wish to travel to the selected destinations on Lufthansa flights. If you are unfamiliar with Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection policies, then you can gather relevant highlights from the following points.

  • You can pick your preferred seat option on the Lufthansa flight for free if you process it within the initial 24 hours.
  • Seats selected after 24 hours are required to pay seat selection prices. 
  • There are some seats that are paid for and can only be selected if passengers pay an additional fee.
  • There are a number of travelers who wish to reserve seats near washrooms due to medical issues; these customers must always provide their medical papers to get the seats for free.
  • Pregnant passengers and kids under 18 years are not permitted to travel on emergency exit seats. 
  • If you fail to select any particular seat before check-in, then the airline will automatically allot you an available seat.

How to reserve your preferred Lufthansa Seat?

The process to select your preferred seats is quite easy to process. If you have Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection can be processed using the online steps given below:

  • Visit the official website of Lufthansa Airlines.
  • Now you must click on the option stating “My bookings.”
  • Soon, you will get the option “seat reservation” under the “manage” option.
  • Click on “Reserve seat now”.
  • If you have your travel ID, then use it to login or else manually type in the booking code and your name.
  • Finally, when you get your ticket, you will be displayed a Lufthansa seat map.
  • You can see all the available seat options and tap on the one you wish to make a reservation for.
  • Finally, if required, make a payment and click on the confirmation button.

Is it possible to pick seats after reaching the airport?

Yes, there are many ticket holders who, after making reservations, forget to select tier seats. These travelers have an option to select their seats after reaching the airport. For this, it is important that they go to the reservation desk and ask the corresponding representative to help them with the Lufthansa Airlines Seat Selection process. The airline representative will provide all the available alternatives and then make arrangements according to travelers' wishes. One thing must be clear: the possibility of getting your desired seat after reaching the airport is very low.

Conclusion: Apart from the mentioned ways, customers can also select seats on Lufthansa Airlines flights by following the online instructions on the airport kiosk. They can see the options available and proceed with all the steps to secure preferred seats.

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