Qantas Airways Flight Change Policy

How to Change my Flight Qantas Airways?

Are you thinking about changing your Qantas flight? If you are wondering about changing your flight then you must be aware of Qantas Airways Flight Change Policy. Sometimes, passengers are forced by the situation to change their flight. There are several reasons behind changing flights, such as an emergency, passport theft, or others. Qantas knows such a situation can happen with their passengers; therefore, they have built their Change flight policy in such a way that anybody who books tickets can easily make the changes anytime by paying a small portion of the ticket’s amount. Let’s understand what Qantas says in their flight change policy.

Rules and Guidelines Qantas Airways Flight Change

Being aware of the rules helps you when making changes on your Qantas flight. You can learn about the Qantas Airways Flight Change Policy in this segment of the post, so let’s discuss some main points of the policy.

  • Qantas allows their passengers to change their flight either offline or online, and the way you used it at the time of booking is allowed to be used only at the time of making the changes.
  • Passengers are needed to pay the change flight fee if they change their flight.
  • The first 24 hours after the completion of the booking, you are allowed to make a free flight change.
  • In case Qantas makes any changes then they will provide the compensation or full refund to the passenger.
  • The flight change fee depends on the time of change, route, cabin class, and other factors.
  • After 24 hours of booking, any fight change would cost an additional change penalty per ticket.
  • Flights having seven or more days can be changed without paying a fee only within the risk-free time.
  • To learn about the flight change penalty, you can reach the Qantas customer service department or check out the official website.

How to change flights at Qantas Airways?

You have learned about the Qantas Airways Flight Change Policy. Now, let’s understand some ways to change your Qantas flight.


People can easily change their flight through a web-based approach. This way, they are able to make changes quickly. Here are the steps to be followed.

  • Go to the Manage booking area by visiting the Qantas official website. 
  • Enter your booking information to move to the trip management portal.
  • Make the changes in your itinerary by choosing your flight.
  • Confirm the change that you have made.
  • Pay the fare difference as shown on the checkout page.
  • Receiving the latest itinerary will be done once the payment is completed.


You can change your Qantas flight by talking with the Qantas representative over the phone. The support person will let you know about Qantas Airways Flight Change Policy and process it. Here’s how it follows.

Dial +1 1800 227 4500 or +1-802-341-3409 from the phone and proceed with the calling steps.

Kindly select the relevant option by pressing the right buttons.

Soon, a Qantas executive will reach out to you and assist you regarding the changes.

Tell them and complete the payment process.

Soon, they will send you the new itinerary of your Qantas flight.

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