Qatar Airways Baggage Policy

How much luggage can I take with Qatar Airways?

Intricate specifications about the Qatar Airways Baggage Policy

The best flights are always the ones that give the passenger the option to travel in comfort. The ease of travel for the passenger comes when they get to carry all their baggage with the airline without any inhibitions. Qatar Airways Airlines allows passengers to have a seamless travel experience by giving them the best options for baggage allowance. The specific detailing of the policy associated with the airline is given below:

Details on the Qatar Airways Baggage Policy:

The passengers who are traveling with Qatar Airways need to adhere to the Qatar Airways Baggage Policy that has been formulated by the airline. The specifications for the same are given below:

Guidelines for the Checked Baggage policy with Qatar Airways:

There are specifications given for the checked baggage that is allowed with Qatar Airways, the attributes of which are given here as follows:

  • The maximum baggage dimension the airline allows varies between 158 cm to 300 cm. 
  • The total weight allowed to be carried is 20 - 35 kg in all classes of Economy for passengers, where a fine is levied for overweight bags. 
  • The passenger traveling in Business Class can have checked baggage weight up to 40 kg as the maximum limit. 
  • A total weight of 50 kg in the checked baggage is allowed for the passengers who are traveling in the premium first class.

Rules governing hand baggage with the airline:

The passengers are entitled to a specific allowance with the airline for their hand baggage as per the Qatar Airways Baggage Policy given by the airline's officials. The particulars for the same have been stated here:

  • The passengers can carry two pieces of baggage in First Class and Business Class on the plane, with the total weight not exceeding 15 kg. 
  • Economy class passengers can only carry one piece of baggage where the total weight should not exceed 7 kg. 
  • There is a specific exemption for passengers traveling from Brazil, where Economy class passengers can carry a maximum of 10 kg of one piece of baggage in their flight journey. 
  • The maximum dimension of the baggage allowed by the airline for the hand baggage is 50x37x25cm (20x15x10in).
  • All the laptops and laptop bags that passenger carries come under the total hand baggage allowance given. No additional relaxation for the weight would be given for these bags carried. 
  • Passengers can carry their items, such as handbags, coats, walking sticks, and all the duty-free items they purchased on the flight with their hand baggage.

Important Note:

The passengers under the Qatar Airways Baggage Policy can carry liquids, gels, pastes, and aerosols in their hand baggage if carried in a container of up to 100 m. Containers larger than this volume will not be accepted by the officials with the airline for carrying. Also, these containers need to be put in litre-sized transparent, resealable bags with the dimensions of 20x20cm (8x8in). Make sure that all items are put in these bags.

Concluding Words: The overall content provided about the Qatar Airways Baggage Policy helps the passenger to get a better understanding of the same, which would help them plan the trip accordingly by keeping in consideration the luggage allowed. Connect with an agent with the airline in case further doubts arise. 


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