S7 Airlines Cancellation Policy

How To Cancel S7 Airlines Flight Ticket?

S7 Airlines is a budget-friendly passenger carrier flight offering various in-flight amenities. If you have booked your ticket with S7, but now, due to some urgent matter, you can not board the flight. Now, you have to cancel the flight, but before canceling the ticket, you should know about the cancellation policy of S7 Airlines. You will get a broader view of the cancelation policy of S7 Airlines after going through this guide:

What are the cancellation policies of S7 Airlines?

In a situation where after booking the ticket, you now have to request S7 Airlines to cancel the reserved ticket. But you do not know whether you are eligible for a refund or not; in this case you must know about the S7 Airlines Cancellation Policy, which is described here:

  • 180 minutes prior, you can cancel your S7 flight ticket. 
  • In domestic S7 tickets, the 24-hour cancellation policy is free of charge. 
  • In International S7 flight ticket reservations, some cancellation charges are applicable. 
  • If your request fulfills the refund policy, you will get a refund after the cancellation. 
  • S7 cancels a flight, then you will get full refund of the ticket price. 
  • Reservations made using vouchers, miles points, or some credits will not be eligible for a 24-hour cancellation policy.

How can I cancel my S7 flight ticket?

S7 Airlines recommends some methods to cancel the flight ticket easily. The methods are online, by phone number, or by visiting the airport. If you want to request to cancel your S7 ticket, then you should read the next few steps.

Cancel the S7 flight ticket through the online method

The following points will be helpful in canceling your S7 flight ticket online. To request canceling your ticket from S7, keep following these steps:

  • Start journey by visiting the S7 website. 
  • Provide your ticket number and passenger name in the box. 
  • Go to the Find My Bookings option to get the flight information. 
  • Now, select the Cancel Flight option to make a cancellation request. 
  • You may have to pay the S7 cancellation charges only if applicable. 
  • Choose the Cancel My Reservation only if you are confirmed to cancel the ticket.

Cancel the S7 flight ticket by talking to the S7 customer service phone number

Calling on the phone will provide the best result when you want to cancel your ticket. Here is a detailed process for canceling the S7 flight ticket:

  • First, dial S7 customer service at 8 - 800 - 700 - 0707. 
  • Choose your language and be on the call. 
  • You will be prompted to follow some of the instructions. 
  • If you want to talk with the S7 customer care executive, select key @. 
  • Give your booking number and confirmation code to the agent. 
  • The agent will ask you to pay a S7 cancellation fee if applicable. 
  • As you make payment, an email will be shared with you, updating you on the cancellation.

Cancel the S7 flight ticket by visiting the S7 Airport

If you are at the airport and want to cancel the flight, you can request the cancellation department. Reach the counter for cancellation, and provide your ticket number and the name of the passengers. The agent will share information regarding the cancellation fee and the procedure. If you agree, only then the agent will cancel your flight.

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