Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy

What is the baggage allowance for Singapore Airlines?

After making your reservations with Singapore Airlines, other things come up. You need to be well informed about these things if you want to have a stress-free journey. This includes mainly baggage. Being enlightened about the Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy will simplify many things for you. Preparing and packing the bags and making sure that you do not carry any restricted items, etc. We will discuss terms and conditions to enlighten you about the baggage policy of the Airline.

What is the baggage policy of Singapore Airlines?

Before you start packing your bags, you should know the baggage policy of the Airline to prepare baggage accordingly. There are several categories in which baggage been divided, such as checked baggage, carry-on, personal items, and restricted items. Let us discuss all of them in detail.

Check Luggage: This luggage will be transported to your location by the Airline and can't be carried to the flight. Do not keep the items in carry-on you might need during the journey:

  • Total dimensions, including length, width, and height, should be 158 cm, which is 62 inches of your bags.
  • According to the Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy, if you do not follow the size mentioned by the Airline, your bags are likely to be rejected at the time of check-in.
  • The maximum weight your bags can hold is 32 kg. If bags exceed this limit, you have to get permission from the Airline and pay the extra baggage allowance fee.

Carry-on: You can keep this bag to yourself throughout the journey and can have all the essential things needed during the trip:

  • The maximum weight you can bring in the cabin bag is up to 7kg. You cannot exceed this limit.
  • The size of this bag is 115 cm, and it needs to be followed strictly.
  • Carry-on luggage needs to fit in the overhead cabin of the flight. So you must follow the size given by the Airline.

Personal Items: One item that you can bring with the carry-on bag. We have listed all the items below:

  • These personal items are required to be handier, so you do not have any problem carrying them on the flight.
  • Items such as Guitars or any small musical instrument, books, laptops, cameras, binoculars, backpacks, purses or handbags, walking cane, baby cot, blankets, kid stroller, etc.
  • You can put these items on your lap or in the space given in front of your seats.

Prohibited Items: Some items that are strictly prohibited to carry on the flight. Some of them can be brought by taking permission from the Airline.

  • The Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy prohibits items such as revolvers, guns, stun batons, tasers, pistols, rifles, toy guns, and shotguns are restricted.
  • Dangerous items, such as syringes, knives, scissors, needles, lighters, etc., are prohibited. But there could be some medical reasons behind carrying them, so you need to get permission from the Airline.
  • If you are an army official, you can carry them after the verification.
  • Some gases and liquids are also prohibited to carry on the flight, and you need to get permission from the Airline beforehand.

Conclusion: We have discussed all the terms and conditions included in the Singapore Airlines Baggage Policy so you can get through them carefully and make things convenient for yourself.


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