Singapore Airlines Mask Policy

Singapore Airlines Mask Policy

Singapore Airlines primarily focuses on the safety and comfort of its passengers. After the Covid19 outbreak, there are some safety measures the airlines wish to take for better safety of their passengers from the virus. The government releases some Covid19 guidelines, and most airlines work as per the guidelines of their local government. Some of the given rules to follow while traveling with the Singapore Airlines are:

  • All the passengers are required to present their vaccination certificates at boarding.
  • You will be advised to keep sanitizing your hand, and the hand sanitizer will be available at all the boarding gates.
  • You are required and prescribed to wear a mask during the boarding and the whole of your flight per the Singapore Airlines Mask Policy.
  • Other wipes are available in place of towels the safety measures.
  • The passengers are also advised to observe social distancing measures while embarking and disembarking the flight and even boarding.
  • Passengers, as well as the staff of the airlines, go through the temperature screening procedure at the time of boarding the flight.

You have to keep in mind the above-given details before boarding a flight with Singapore Airlines. Also, you need to submit all the required documents and the vaccination certificate.

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