Sun Country Airlines Change Flight Policy

Does Sun Country let you change flight dates?

Accumulate information to change the flight on Sun Country Airlines.

After making the flight reservation with Sun Country Airlines, if you are stuck in such a situation where you are unable to travel on the desired date or if you have issues such as flight delay, medical reasons, or the purpose of bookings gets canceled, then you will get the option to change the flight. But the flight change request can only be accepted by the airlines if there are any seat is vacant and the terms and conditions of the flight change. There are different modes available that you can use to make sun country airlines flight change, but in case you need more information about them, then go through them below.

What are the flight change policies on Sun Country airlines?

There are different policies given by Sun Country Airlines for flight change, and having information about these policies is essential. It will inform you whether you have to pay the change fee or not, in case you are not aware of the flight change policies, then you must go through below.

  • If you have the make the flight change request within 24 hours of the bookings, then you can avoid the change fee, but after surpassing that free window, you need to pay the charges, which will vary upon the time left in the departure of the new flight. 
  • In the situation of flight delay due to airline fault, such as technical issues, less staff, etc, then you can change the flight without paying any charges. 
  • If the new airfare is costlier than the previous booking, then you must pay the fare difference, but in case the airfare is cheaper, then airlines provide you a travel voucher, which is valid for 1 year. 
  • If any customer applies for a flight change due to illness, then you must provide the health-related documents from the certified physician, and the airlines will not charge any amount for the flight change.

How do I change my flight on Sun Country Airlines?

To make the sun country airlines flight change, you can use their official website; this is a hassle-free mode as you will not need to visit any office or communicate with any representative. You can change your flight on your own, and you will get the exact information about the available seats, flight fares, etc. To go with this mode then you need to follow the below points.

  • Look for the official website of Sun Country Airlines 
  • Select the manage booking option and fill the last name with the PNR number 
  • Choose the change flight option and select the flight as per your convenience
  • Save the change, and, pay the charges using your card.

What are the flight change costs on Sun Country Airlines?

The amount for sun country airlines flight change will vary according route or destination of the flight, but still, you must pay in pay in between 180 USD to 400 USD.

With the above information, you will know about the sun country airlines flight change, but for any other information, you can also reach out to the Sun Country Airlines website.

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