Tap Portugal Name Change Policy

How Do I Change My Air Flight With Tap Portugal ?

If the passenger who has booked flight tickets with Tap Portugal wants to correct the name, then the Airline follows a few rules and regulations that you must know. Kindly read the details below to learn more about the Tap Portugal Name Change Policy terms and conditions.

  • Name Correction is only applicable on the unused flight segments only.
  • The Airline does not allow name changes on codeshare or interline agreement flights.
  • Passengers can change the name on booked flight tickets on the grounds of marriage or divorce by providing valid ID proofs and legal documents.
  • You are permitted to change the name on reservations once for free.
  • People can travel in their maiden name if they have recently married.
  • The changed name on the flight ticket should match the passport or government-issued ID proofs.
  • If the passenger changes the surname on the booked itinerary at the Airport office, a written declaration copy must be submitted with the passenger’s passport.
  • You must submit the name change request at least 24 hours after the Scheduled Flight Departure.
  • Tap Portugal Airline allows for name correction for infants without any charges.

What are the Guidelines for correcting the name on the Tap Portugal Flight tickets?

Passengers can correct the name only for flights operated by Tap Portugal according to the Tap Portugal Name Change Policy. You cannot update the changes for other aviation and Tap Portugal marketing flights. To know more details, check the given information.

  • The customer is eligible to change the name if the spelling is incorrect. Up to 3 letters can be corrected by paying the applicable name change cost of $200.
  • You can upgrade the changes if you have booked tickets with an incomplete surname.
  • Name change is applicable when the first and last name is reversed.
  • If the customer accidentally added a nickname in the first or last name, it can be corrected by providing valid government ID proofs.
  • If you want to add a middle name on Tap Portugal Reservation, it can be approved under the name change policy.

How do you change or correct the name on Tap Portugal Booking Online?

There are multiple ways to update the correct name but a person must know the eligibility which is explained under  Tap Portugal Name Change Policy. You can complete the name correction process online through the Tap Portugal Booking Section. You must know the essential steps, which are listed below.

  • Passengers should visit the Tap Portugal Official website.
  • Now scroll the page and tap on the Manage Booking Section.
  • Kindly enter the Airline PNR number and the last name.
  • You must update the necessary corrections and verify them before submitting.
  • The customer needs to upload a valid ID proof document for verification.
  • If applicable, you need to pay the name change fee, and the confirmation code will be shared on the correct email address.

What is the Tap Portugal Name Change Fee?

The name change fee may vary depending on the choice of route or fare type the customer has purchased.

  • For domestic flights, the customer should pay $100.
  • International flight passengers must pay $175.
  • For flights between Europe, Morocco, Tunisia, and more, the customer must pay $140 as a name change fee.

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