United Airlines Baggage Policy

What is United Airlines Baggage Policy?

Worried about your excess baggage or don't know who to contact for the allowed baggage limit at United? It's just a minute's task for the United customer support team. The executives who have been a part of United Airlines have accessed many passenger queries and are well-versed in United Airlines Policies and Guidelines. United Airlines Baggage Policy is a popular segment under the rules and regulations for flying United. The policy includes all the important facts you need to know about your baggage allowance, carriage, and other United services for your checked and carry-on bags.

Here's an overview of the terms and conditions mentioned in the policy for your reference:

You can carry your luggage in three ways when flying with United Airlines-

  • Checked baggage- The maximum size should be (30*20*12) inches, and the allowed weight limit extends to a maximum of 50 pounds for economy and premium economy flight bookings at United, whereas it can extend up to 70 pounds for Business class reservations. 
  • Carry-On baggage- You can carry this one along with you inside your cabin, but the baggage dimension can not exceed (9*14*22) inches. Make sure your carry-on bag does not weigh more than 7-8 kg if you're carrying it with you for personal use.
  • Excess baggage- You can purchase excess baggage at United for all flights at United for a convenience fee.
  1. You're required to collect your baggage at the check-in desk and get it verified for further carriage, and all passengers are requested to proceed to the boarding gate only after finishing the baggage drop. 
  2. United will charge USD35 on your first bag, USD45 on your second bag, and USD100 on your third bag if you're purchasing excess baggage. 
  3. United restricts the carriage of certain equipment in their carry-on and checked baggage.

What should I do with excess baggage at United?

As per the profound United Airlines Baggage Policy, if your baggage exceeds the given weight and size limit, you'll be charged between USD 100 and 200 at the check-in desk if you want to carry the same bags with you. Pay for the excess baggage upon verifying the same with United Airlines guidelines for baggage fees.

What are the benefits of United Airlines Baggage Policy?

United Airlines offers very convenient baggage carriage on their flights, from the weight limit to the respective baggage fee. Please jot down the following perks and benefits of United Airlines Baggage policy:

  • You can carry your luggage with you inside the cabin or in the cargo compartment of your United flight. 
  • All passengers get the benefit of purchasing excess baggage at United Airlines for a feasible baggage fee. 
  • United allows you to claim compensation for your delayed, damaged, or lost baggage. Visit www.united.com for the claim form.
  • You can utilize United Airlines Customer support to track your baggage or other congruent services.

Can I pay United Airlines checked bag fees online?

United Airlines' online website has a segregated Manage Booking service to provide a checked bag and check the United Airlines Baggage Policy for the respective baggage fees at United.

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