United Airlines Baggage Policy

How many bags does United Airlines allow for free?

United Airlines is the third largest air carrier, with over 3,000 daily flights. It will be much better for your trip if you have complete information about the United Airlines Baggage Policy and its overall cost for carrying extra bags. Usually, United Airlines has some strict rules for their additional bags, including oversized, overweight, and extra items. So, for a feasible flight, you should be prepared with the correct size and weight bags before boarding the plane. However, from the instructions, you will clearly understand United Airlines' relevant baggage terms and conditions.

  • Your personal items should fit under the seats in front of you on United Airlines.
  • The overall allowable personal item size is 22X25X43 cm, and you can include common purses, laptop bags, and backpacks.
  • At United Airlines, carry-on bags should fit in the overhead bin and be under 23X35X56 cm in overall size.
  • The maximum allowable checked baggage size should be under 76X52X30 cm respectively.
  • The maximum allowable checked baggage weight for United Economy and Premium class should be 23 Kg.
  • Similarly, when you have United Business, First, and Polaris class tickets, the maximum allowable bag weight will be 32 Kg.
  • Under the strict rules, you cannot carry dangerous or electronic goods on United flights. However, you can carry medical equipment only after the Airline approves it.

How much will be charged for the bags on United Airlines?

There are no additional charges for bags if you carry them within the limit on United flights. According to the latest United Airlines Baggage Policy, the bag fees will vary depending on your location and the destinations where you want to travel. However, when you carry one or two checked bags on most routes, you must pay an additional $5 off the original baggage fare per the rules. Also, when you travel with United flights within the USA or Canada, the baggage fees will be applicable up to $35 to $50 for consecutive first and second bags.

How can I get extra baggage on United Airlines?

United flight allows you to add additional bags only with some service fees, which you must know about from its official page before carrying checked baggage. You can first read the United Airlines Baggage Policy in detail and follow the steps below to add additional bags in the following ways.

  • Open the official page of the United Airlines: https://www.united.com/en/us/.
  • Go through the My Trips menu bar from the top of the screen.
  • Enter your booking code and family name in the given details.
  • After the ticket details are available, you can click on modification and add extra bags to the policy.
  • For the selected additional bags, you must pay the applicable fees.
  • Thus, your United Airlines bags will be added.

Can I carry sports or musical items on United flights?

Some sports/musical items counted as checked bags can easily be carried on United flights. As per the United Airlines Baggage Policy, you can carry sports items or musical instruments under the hard case. Further, you must pay the associated service fees before traveling with your sports products or musical instruments.  

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