VivaAerobus Check-In Policy

How Do I Check-In on VivaAerobus?

A complete guide on 'VivaAerobus Check-In Policy'

Viva Air Allows various options to check in if you are looking forward to the VivaAerobus Check-in process. As per Viva Aerobus Check-In Policy, if you book a ticket with VivaAerobus, you must check in before departure and get the boarding pass before flying. In the article, we will discuss how to get your check-in with VivaAerobus, the various ways, and associated terms and condition.

How to check-in with VivaAerobus?

There are many check-in options available; web check-in check-in is considered the fastest way, starts from 72 hours to up to 4 hours before departure. Here are various check-in options discussed; take a look:

Online Check-in/ Web Check-in:

  • Go to the VivaAerobus official website and locate the check-in link on the homepage, at the footer and under the My Trip section
  • Access the details by providing PNR/ Booking reference and surname, and click 'Confirm.' 
  • Click on the link 'Check-in for my flight' on the page 
  • On the new page, select the preferred seat from the given map, subject to the fee and availability of the airline 
  • You can complete check-in and download the VivaAerobus boarding pass.

Check-in At Airport:

VivaAerobus Airport Check-in:

It's another way through which you can check in at the airport via check-in counter there. The good part is you can add or modify all the services right here, whether it's adding baggage, special service requests, etc. However, you might need to wait in a.

long queue, which can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Curbside check-in:

You can get the curbside service desk installed at the concourse, near the entrance of vehicle parking. You can sign in and drop off checked baggage before stepping into the airport, and you can also pay for additional baggage and request the change class of service upgrade. Visit the curbside check-in counter and follow the prompt on the screen to print your boarding pass.

Kiosk check-in: You can locate the Kiosk Check-in screen at the airport and get your boarding pass in just a few steps. Provide the booking reference, frequent flyer number, and the name, or you can also scan the printer ticket. Identify your booking, add your seats and service if required, and follow the prompt to complete check-in and print the boarding pass.

VivaAerobus check-in policy highlights

As per VivaAerobus Check-In Policy, you can complete check-in online from 72 hours to up to 4 hours before departure via the website or mobile app. You must print the boarding pass before reaching the airport; otherwise, it might be subject to a $ 12 fee.

If you are a pregnant woman who underwent surgery recently, children flying alone, with disabilities, travelling with pets, and who are ineligible to print their boarding pass, you can appear at the check-in counter to claim it.

The  Viva Aerobus Check-In Policy states to check-in at the airport ticket counter; you must get it done from 2 hours to 45 minutes before departure of domestic flight and from 3 hours to 45 minutes before international flight departure.

Conclusion: VivaAerobus provides various ways to check-in, and online check-in is the simplest way. Besides, you must go through the VivaAerobus Check-In Policy thoroughly to avoid any hassle at the last minute. For more information, you can talk to the VivaAerobus representative directly or visit the website online. 

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