VivaAerobus Flight Change Policy?

Can I Change My Flight Date on VivaAerobus?

Sometimes passengers need to change their booked itinerary due to medical or other valid reasons. This situation is normal if you are traveling with VivaAerobus as they follow a flexible VivaAerobus flight change policy for their passengers' comfort. The Airline offers excellent flexibility, which reflects in its change policy. They offer their travelers as much flexibility as possible, even in complicated situations.

  • You are not allowed to update changes after three attempts to change the Light and Extra fares itinerary.
  • There are three types of fare types: Light, Extra and Smart; light fare type passengers should have three opportunities to change the date, time or destination, or route without penalty, but for any difference, you need to pay.
  • Extra Fare type travelers can also have three attempts to change the booked itinerary to avoid additional charges.
  • For passengers who have purchased smart fare type flight tickets, include a selection of preferred seats and unlimited times change in time, date, or route in existing reservations.
  • Travelers can change the date, time, or route at least 4 hours before the Scheduled Departure if they have yet to proceed for web check-in; otherwise, you cannot make new reservation changes.
  • There is only one fare type that includes no free flight change option: Zero fares. When passengers have a fixed plan and travel very lightly, it is recommended as this will not allow travelers to make changes without penalty.

Suppose a passenger still wonders whether Can I change My Flight Date on VivaAerobus. In that case, you can change the booked itinerary date with light, different, and intelligent fare types three times without extra charges. After 3 attempts customers have to pay the extra charges and difference amount both to confirm the transaction. But if the customer has purchased the Zero fare ticket, you can update the new date changes and must pay the penalty and any difference amount.


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