VivaAerobus Name Change Policy

How Do I Change my Name on Viva Aerobus?

A comprehensive guide about 'VivaAerobus Name Change Policy'

If you book a ticket with VivaAerobus and realise some typo after booking, the airline allows you to modify it anytime. There are various ways to change your Name with VivaAerobus; you can choose the source through which the booking has been made. Besides, based on your fare condition and other factors, you might need to pay the name change fee.

You will discover all the details, including VivaAerobus Name Change Policy, process, and fee, in this article, so let's get started.

Let's check out the VivaAerobus Name Change procedure

If you book the ticket from the VivaAerobus website, contact center, or at the airport, you can use any of these mediums to change the ticket. However, one must speak to the third-party agent directly in case the booking is made via them.

Change the Name Via website:

  • Go to the VivaAerobus official website and find out 'Manage booking' section
  • Enter the booking reference code and surname to access booking details
  • Select the itinerary to change the Name, and click on 'Edit reservation.'
  • Modify the Name and ensure it matches your passport, and save the change 
  • If the change requires any charge, pay that, and proceed 
  • Now follow the ongoing instruction to complete the procedure, and your booking confirmation email will be sent to you.

Change the Name over the phone:

If you are not comfortable with the online method, call the support team at VivaAerobus. Request them that you wish to modify the booking and provide details. The representative will make the modification for you and send an email to confirm. Additional charges might be applied when you make the modification over the phone.

VivaAerobus Name Change Policy- Highlights

The airline allows you name changes if your booking is made by authorized sources such as via a website, call center, or airport.

As per the VivaAerobus Name Change Policy, you can make the change in your Name up to three characters; complete name changes cannot be done. If you want to change the Name completely, make a new reservation by cancelling the existing one.

The airline generally allows free change if the booking is made one week before departure and you complete formality within 24 hours of booking. Besides changing fees depending on your fare condition route, change time might apply if you miss the risk-free period.

In case you are changing the Name due to Divorce or Marriage or in a similar condition, you don't need to pay any change fee. However, you must submit legal documents for the changes before the departure.

VivaAerobus Name Change fee:

As per the VivaAerobus Name Change Policy, you don't need to pay the change fee if it has been done within 24 hours of booking. Moreover, if the risk-free period passes, the change fee based on various external factors might apply. You can talk to the airline support team directly to know the exact fee.

Conclusion: You can change your Name with VivaAerobus anytime by following the information given in the article. Besides, read the details of VivaAerobus Name Change Policy to proceed with the name change process without any hassle. In case more information is needed or you have any further doubt, speak to the vivaAerobus representative directly or visit the website. 

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