Volaris flight change policy

How Much Does Volaris Charge to Change Flight?

Volaris is renowned for the fantastic ticket prices it offers to customers, with an option to fly to more than 70 destinations. The airline is also flexible when it comes to changing your flight in an unexpected situation where it is needed to make change. You can change your flight easily if you are aware of the Volaris flight change policy, which you can find here by reading further ahead. If you are going to fly with the airline and you want to change your flight, the information here will help you save effort and money at the same time.

Volaris Flight Change Policy?

  • For flight changes made within 24 hours of making the booking, you will not be liable to pay a fee for the change.
  • If you change your flight after 24 hours of the booking, you have to pay a fee depending on the type of ticket, the scheduled departure date, and the destination.
  • If the new flight fare is more than the original fare, you have to make the payment for the difference in the fare to confirm the flight change.
  • In case the new ticket fare is less than the original ticket fare, the airline will reimburse the difference in amount to you in the same source of payment that was used to make the reservation.
  • If you want to know “How to Change Your Volaris Flight Tickets,” the flight change can be done only through official channels like the official website or by calling the customer service number and speaking with an agent.
  • You can change your flight with Volaris maximum by 5 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • If the flight was booked through a travel agency, you have to contact the agency to change your flight.

The information above is useful when changing your flight with Volaris. If you require any other help, visit the official website.

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