WestJet Airlines Group Travel

WestJet Airlines Group Travel

WestJet Airlines is a Canadian carrier that offers a wide range of air travel options, from low-cost flights to luxurious long-haul flights. With its extensive network and years of experience, WestJet is one of the most reliable airlines in the world. When you are finding information about WestJet Airline Group Travel, you can read the given information.

Terms and Conditions to Create Booking for Group Travel.

  • When the group booking is made, it will be confirmed when the group leader taps on the confirm booking option. 
  • When you make a booking in the group, all the group members should have a valid email address to join the group, and they will get a notification when the group is ready to book. 
  • Westjet airline will not cancel a passenger reservation if the passenger's group booking falls below the required 10 seats. 
  • Travelers can secure their flights with a holding fee by booking in advance. When the full payment has been collected, the holding fee is refunded. 
  • The airline representative will provide the time slot. It would be grateful if the passengers booked that time slot. If the passengers are not available, their booking will not be acceptable.
  • Travelers can cancel their booking within 24 hours, and they will get a full refund. They also get a full refund if facing a medical emergency or health issue.
  • If you make any changes to your group booking, you can do it within 24 hours. 
  • If the group leader makes any changes after 24 hours or at the last moment, they must pay the penalty charges. 
  • When you have any questions or concerns about your itinerary, you can ask directly to their group leader. 
  • Group members have to provide their official identity at the time of reservation. 
  • You can change your name if you are recently married or divorced, but you must provide the marriage or divorce certificate to the airline representative. 

How We Do Group booking Of WestJet Airlines?

If you are planning a trip with a group and have to make the booking and don't know how to make the group booking, you can contact the airline or email the airline, who will provide you with the quotation for your group bookings as quickly as possible. If you find the information on How We Do Group booking Of WestJet Airlines Phone Number , you can read the given process and make the group booking on the airline. 

Use Online Method to Make Group Booking.

When travelers have to make a group booking and need to learn how to create one, they must fill out the group quotation form, and the airline will provide a quote. Follow the instructions to learn how to use the online method: 

  • Open the official website of WestJet Airlines.Customer Service
  • Go to the search option and type group booking. 
  • Now, you must provide the necessary details and tap on the submit option. 
  • When you request a group booking, you will get a call from the airline, and the representative will provide you with their quotes. 
  • You can negotiate with them and finalize your quote. 
  • After that, you can ask them to make the booking. 
  • The airline representative will make the booking, confirm your registered email ID, and text the phone number. 

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